10/02/2013 12:27 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

The Top 5 Most Politically Charged Obamacare Opinions

October 1, 2013 was a big day for Obamacare, but raging debates will continue long past enrollment day #1.

A new live poll called Obamacare Chattr aims to provide a neutral, anonymous platform for every American to share his or her opinions on the law. Users indicate if they love or hate Obamacare, and can then explain why. Live tallying allows users to see which side of the debate is winning--and see their opinion's effect on the total score. After submitting a response, they can also read other users' answers as well.

NerdWallet believes that the most important part of being a good debater is understanding the opposition's argument, and this free tool allows you to do just that. Whether we like it or not, healthcare is inextricably tied to politics, and Obamacare Chattr has proven to be no exception. Here are some of the most politically charged responses we've gotten so far (see if you can spot some contradictions):

1. "I hate Obamacare because the government is not trustworthy enough to manage it: Obama is a scoundrel, Congress is out for themselves only, there is no mention in the Constitution about government mandated insurance, ACA is going to bleed the economy dry, there are so many special exceptions and favors built into it, people on welfare do not have to take drug tests and we will be paying for there healthcare too. I think you get my thinking..."

2. "I love Obamacare because free birth control prevents unwanted babies: Those pregnancies would end in abortion or neglected kids raised in foster care."

3. "I hate Obamacare because it has NOTHING to do with has to do with POWER over the lives of the citizenry."

4. "I love Obamacare because it is a step towards single-payer healthcare: ...the ONLY way to fix healthcare in the US. Look at any country with decent healthcare systems, and you'll see that they embrace this type of system. The government should be responsible for the HEALTH and wellbeing of its citizens... Obamacare is at least a step in the right direction."

5. "I hate Obamacare because it will lead to single payer healthcare. That will destroy the good US healthcare system: Single Payer means that bureaucrats (not you and your doctor) will be making decisions for you and your family. That means long waiting lists, even for life-saving procedures. That means there will be death panels. That means the most vulnerable in our society will be seen as disposable because of the 'betterment of the common good'."

Debates about health reform will inevitably heat up as the law's success (or failure) unfolds -- make sure you're Obamacare-literate by crafting your own argument and learning which attacks your opposition will launch. Prepare for the future of health care in America with Obamacare Chattr from NerdWallet.

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Disclaimer: The quotations in this article in no way reflect the views of NerdWallet, nor does NerdWallet endorse any of these opinions. These quotations are from anonymous users without affiliations to NerdWallet.