09/17/2012 07:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

3 Amazing Ski Tours In The Dolomites

Known for majestic panoramic views, endless outdoor activities, rich history and gourmet food, the Dolomite Mountains offer some of the best on-piste ski touring in the world. A single ski pass provides access to 16 skiing tours through 12 different ski resorts where travelers discover the mountains in comfort with only cable cars and lifts -- no hiking, no snowshoeing and no skinning required.

With over 746 miles of prepared pistes, these tours offer terrain for skiers of every skill level.

2012-09-14-Dolomitesski2.jpgAmong the world-class ski tours of the Dolomites, there are a few that shouldn't be missed. The following are our top three favorites, selected for their incredible skiing, breathtaking scenery, savory cuisine and fascinating history.

The Sellaronda
One of the most spectacular ski tours of the world, the Sellaronda circumnavigates the Sella Massif in just a single day. Appropriate for intermediate level skiers, this unique circular connection of runs and lifts was once the only way the inhabitants of the high alpine Ladin villages could maintain a connection with each other. Nowadays, it's a modern day loop that connects four Dolomite passes, four Ladin valleys (Livinallongo, Val di Fassa, Alta Badia, and Val Gardena), and three districts - you'll have the chance to see more of the Dolomites in one day than many see on an entire trip! The Sellaronda is a relatively short tour, easily completed in one day, without ever having to remove your skis! With a length of just under 40 kilometers (25 miles) - 26 of which are ski slopes (16 miles) - and requiring approximately 2 hours of ski lift travel time, it is recommended that the tour begin in the morning to ensure plenty of time for completion before the lifts close for the day.

Ski Tour Olympia
The 1956 Winter Olympics -- the first to be broadcast on television - took place in the Dolomites' Cortina d'Ampezzo, on the very slopes you'll be skiing on this tour: the Pista Olympia (Olympic downhill course); the Pista Vitelli (Olympic giant slalom course); and the Pista "a" Col Druscié (Olympic slalom course).

Don't worry if your skiing is not up to Olympic caliber - the Olympia Tour offers a variety of slopes so skiers of a range of ability levels can participate in this historic and unique ski experience.

In addition to the incredible skiing you'll enjoy on this tour, there are a number of interesting features to explore and enjoy:
  • The run from Pomedes to Rumerlo and the Tofana offer lightning fast slopes set amongst unusual rock formations.
  • Stop for a visit to see the Duca d'Aosta hut - the home of the Olympic flame before the opening ceremonies.
  • Advanced skiers will enjoy the challenge of the Vitelli slope, Canalone Franchetti, Stratondi, Slittone, and Tondi Normale, with the ultimate run of the Canalone Staunies optional for the most experienced skiers.

All this skiing making you hungry? The tasty and healthy 'Olympia dish' served at some traditional huts along the itinerary is also worth trying.

Marmolada Ski Tour
The aptly named "Queen of the Dolomites," this tour boasts views of the highest peak in all the Dolomites, reaching an elevation of 3,342 meters (10,965'), and provides some of the most amazing ski experiences on the planet. The Marmolada ski tour begins in Arabba and moves on to Porta Vescovo, which offers mesmerizing views of the Marmolada Glacier. Skiers then continue on the Ornella run to Pescoi, over the ridge of Passo Padon, on through the Passo Fedaia and to Punta Rocca. An incredible tour, it covers over 1,300 meters (4,265') in elevation and offers an extended 12 kilometer-long (7.5 mile-long) run. The Marmolada Tour not only offers incredible ski adventures, but also provides some of the most breathtaking alpine views in the world.

With fall rapidly approaching in the northern hemisphere, it's time to plan your Dolomites ski holiday for this winter. Learn more about these amazing ski tours and our custom-designed Dolomites ski safaris at