05/10/2012 01:11 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Shut My Mouth: The President Has Evolved!

It seems like just yesterday that I wrote a HuffPost blog complaining about our president and vice president and their "evolving" opinions on gay marriage. Actually, it was yesterday.

What a difference a day makes. My partner and I stared with our mouths open as the president of the United States voiced his support of gay marriage. I realize that his statements do not have any immediate effect on law or policy, but the fact that a sitting president would speak favorably of gay relationships does have an immediate effect on my morale.

Yesterday had been a pretty lousy day. Upon reading the news that North Carolina had added a constitutional amendment to ban all forms of legally recognized gay relationships, I felt that the country was taking a step backwards. The vice president's support of gay marriage appeared to have been rescinded when the White House tried to cover it up and convince us that he was still "evolving" on the issue. Continually hearing that the president, and now the vice president, was "evolving" was particularly irksome to me. It was condescending. "Evolving" was code for "we will wait and see when the polls are more favorable." Barack and Joe are good men; where was their integrity?

Well, shut my mouth! I was hasty with my complaints. I did not foresee the president's statement. I had assumed that we would not hear anything positive about gay marriage from him until way after the election was over. But he surprised us all and stood up for what is right. I am hopeful that this will be a political gain for him. He promised "change" in 2008 and plans to move "forward" in 2012. I now believe him.

When the dust settles, the people of North Carolina still do not have much to celebrate. My partner and I are not picking out rings or writing wedding vows anytime soon. But the future does seem a little brighter this morning. I think it is significant that the president mentioned that his own children are of a generation that does not understand discrimination of same-sex couples. We should be thanking Sasha and Malia this morning. I have a feeling that those girls played a role in letting their father see the future.