11/19/2014 09:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

3 Inspired Home Offices

These three women created comfortable and personal HQs at home that make getting a job done a pleasure.

photography by DOMINO.COM

Far from shoving a computer into a cramped corner and calling it a day, these three women created comfortable and personal HQs at home.

photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

How do you maximize your small space? By keeping it as uncluttered as possible, which means having places to tuck things away. I'm a magazine nut, so I always have a bin close by to keep the stack organized. And my kitchen cabinets hold more office supplies, DVDs, scripts and video treatments than pots and pans!

photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

What are your tech tricks? Lighting is essential. Most of the lights are on dimmers, to make the room feel homey.

photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

Any workday pleasures? I work best with a lot of things going on, so an office facing the street is great for me: The constant distraction of little kids peeking in the window keeps thing interesting. When I'm stressed, I like to burn incense and candles.

photography by MAX KIM-BEE

Why a home office that's separate from the house? It's so freeing to have a place that's completely private and away from the distractions of my life--a little oasis where I can read a script or write a note to a friend.
Rutherford converted a 300-square-foot garage into an office studio; a winding garden pathway connects it to the house. (P.S. Her son was born not long after this photo was taken.)

photography by MAX KIM-BEE

How do you stay organized? I love to make collages, so I had shelving built across the back, and put my materials in white IKEA storage boxes. Before, I'd keep things stacked in piles and get overwhelmed, but now I can just choose whatever project I want, take the box down and do it.

photography by MAX KIM-BEE

What's your favorite touch? My desk. It's a family antique. I modernized it with bright white paint (my favorite color!) and topped it with a sheet of glass cut to flow with the curves.

photography by MAX KIM-BEE

How do you use your space? I have three corporate offices, so I like to use this one to just think and generally get inspired. I write all my personal notes here, usually late at night or early in the morning. I love stationery--I actually collect it--and it's nice to have all my favorites at my fingertips.

Inspired by a photo of the Baccarat Crystal showroom in Paris, Shriftman hired designer Tim Andreas to turn the former maid's room into a loungelike office.

photography by MAX KIM-BEE

How do you avoid clutter? For me to be inspired, everything has to be organized, so I converted a closet into my desk area and added built-ins for my stuff. When the tufted custom-finished doors are shut, it looks like a decorative wall--no mess! Plus, I hide not-so-glam things like the stapler and paper clips in mirrored boxes.

photography by MAX KIM-BEE

What's the secret to creating a lounge-y feel? Sexy lighting, of course! I use amber lightbulbs in my lamps.


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