07/24/2014 10:06 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Emily Jeffords Talks Home Renovation

Meet impressionist landscape painter Emily Jeffords, Minted + domino's featured monthly artist.

photography by PAIGE FRENCH

Emily Jeffords was born with the artistic gene. On track to becoming a professional violinist from a young age, she actually surprised her family when she decided to choose painting as her true calling.Though Jeffords initially nurtured her passion for painting in the comfort and privacy of her bedroom, growing up around the world in locations like Syria, Africa, Texas, and Ohio inspired her to paint landscapes as a way of connecting people--it provided a stark contrast between drama and peace. Now, in addition to her collaboration with Minted, Jeffords is remodeling her home with her husband and two daughters. Here, she talks with domino about painting in the studio with the kids and her exciting home reno plans.

photography by PAIGE FRENCH

1. Where do you feel most inspired? Fresh ideas come from the little things-nice walks or while drinking a refreshing iced coffee. But my actual inspiration comes when I'm exploring things in front of me. It's more about internal energy than external energy.

2. How would you describe your personal style? I'm a minimalist. Black and white -- very simple and clean. I love my artwork to be contrasted by these ideas.

3. What makes a home beautiful? Details are very important. You can tell when someone puts a lot of thought into their home because the extras are eliminated, which is hard to do because certain things hold more significance than others. Holding onto things that have actual meaning to you can make the things that matter most shine.

photography by PAIGE FRENCH

4. What's your most prized possession? The time I spend with my daughters in the studio each day. One day, my then, 3-year-old daughter drew on one of my paintings and I had thought it was ruined, but that actually grew to be very precious to me. I'll probably keep that forever because it represents her innocence and will mean a lot to me in a couple of years. Actually, it already does.

5. On what items do you scrimp? Right now, we're remodeling our home and I'm still fighting the idea that I can make everything on my own. Realistically, I don't have a lot of time at the moment, but that mentality is certainly there.

6. on what do you splurge? Art supplies. Always. Beyond that, my husband and I are both foodies so we'll splurge on a good meal when we're dining out.

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