11/28/2014 02:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Organize a Wrapping Station

Los Angeles-based lifestyle expert, Sally Horchow invites us into her wrap studio.


photography by AMANDA FRIEDMAN

Wrapping as a family.
Sally learned the art of wrapping at her mother's wrap desk at age 5, wrote thank-you notes before she could tie her own shoes, and worked in packing and shipping at the Horchow Collection (the mail-order company founded by her father) soon thereafter.


photography by AMANDA FRIEDMAN

Staying organized.
Sally's closet doubles as a wrap desk, built to be comfortable for standing in front of. She stores grab-and-go host presents on the top shelves and wrapping accessories in drawers or on a slotted wall with movable hooks. A big roll of kraft paper -- her favorite blank canvas -- lives on the desk for easy access, as does her dry-erase board, to remind her of upcoming birthdays.


photography by AMANDA FRIEDMAN

Organizing must-haves.
Double-stick tape for seamless packages, a tiny hole punch, rubber stamps, and ColorBox Pigment Stamp Pads (they look like paint), baskets with dividers to separate cards by occasion.

Organizing tip.
An extra-tall drawer with dividers makes it easy to see wrapping-paper rolls. She hides leftover scraps in a basket and reuses them for accents for gift cards.


photography by AMANDA FRIEDMAN

Gifting tip
Give small presents often, for no particular reason, and without expectation for reciprocation. Keep a birthday calendar and a stash of extra cards in your desk.


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