07/05/2011 02:56 pm ET Updated Sep 04, 2011

Could the Republican Party Ever Possibly Be the 'Party of the Almighty'?

The party of the elephant increasingly claims the Almighty as a sort of Divine campaign manager, invariably agreeing with their political advancement.

This deserves examination.

For example, Minnesota Republicans just let their state government shut down, rather than allow a 1% tax on millionaires. Was that God's will?

Nationally, GOP leadership appears ready to let the country default on its debts, rather than close a single tax loophole on oil company profits. Is that Biblically-derived?

Republican tax policies to me seem more in line with Ayn Rand, the atheist author who said greed is good.

But let us consult the Rulebook (King James version) which the GOP so loudly claims as its inspiration. What does the Good Book say about the unfettered pursuit of wealth?

"Then Jesus said to his disciples... it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." Matthew 19:23-24

Jesus drove the moneylenders out of the temple. He welcomed the poor, the prostitutes and the sick -- but not those who worshiped money.

And when a rich man asked what he could do, Jesus said: "sell all that you have, and distribute it to the poor..." Luke 18:22

So are Republicans heaven-bound, or headed to a somewhat warmer clime?

That is above my pay-grade.

But I cannot believe the gentle Healer would want the poor to starve -- so that the rich could be comforted.