05/31/2012 02:10 pm ET Updated Jul 31, 2012

Scott Walker's Walking Papers? Wisconsin Recall Effort Approaches Climax

There are moments in life when one can either fly, or be stuck in the mud forever.

Tuesday, June 5, Wisconsin's recall vote is exactly such a moment. The Badger State can either rid itself of demonstrably negative Governor Scott Walker -- or allow him to make permanent and damaging changes to the state.

With a majority in both state congressional offices, guaranteeing passage of virtually every bill he wanted -- has Scott Walker come through on his number one promise of jobs, jobs, jobs? Under his leadership, Wisconsin has lost more jobs than any state in the nation.

In addition to being perhaps the most anti-worker rights governor in the country, Walker pushed through a voter-suppression act so extreme it is under investigation by two courts.

Behind Scott Walker is a financial tsunami, flooding the state with Republican dollars, money to block the recall effort.

But even if the Republicans buy every minute of TV time available, there is still the ballot box.

Everything comes down to this: Who will show up? Who will actually vote?

On June 5, this Tuesday, who will come to the voting booths?

Will it be supporters of stem cell research for a cure -- or those who would ban what began in Wisconsin? As a stem cell research supporter myself, I regard Scott Walker as a dedicated enemy of America's hopes for cure research.

Who will show up? Moms and dads for whom the education of Wisconsin children is the most important challenge a state can face -- or will it be those who want to slash teacher salaries, eliminate classroom supplies, and cram as many warm bodies into a room as can fit? We know where Walker stands -- he is an enemy of public education. His way to "improve" public education is to cut its funding, give already scarce public dollars to private academies for the wealthy, the so-called "voucher" system... subtracting those dollars from neighborhood schools.

Who will vote? Will it be the men and women who respect the right of a worker to organize, or those for whom the corporate elite is all that matters? Has anyone in modern history done more to undo labor's rights than Scott Walker? Without the threat of recall, he will do more.

Who will bring a friend to the polls? Will it be those who believe in a woman's intelligence and free will, or those who think males should make all reproductive decisions? To call Walker anti-woman's rights is an understatement!

Who will offer a lift to a disabled individual? Will it be a friend to care and cure -- or someone who opposes every dollar spent for those who suffer?

Democrats and Independents cannot hope to match Republican money, though every dollar we raise will make a difference.

But our strength is people. Because we share their troubles, our friends will listen -- we can walk and talk and tell them. We can put our voices to our neighbor's ear, and rouse the sleeping giant.

Walker's rival, Tom Barrett? I have no connection to his campaign. But he is a good man, imbued with Wisconsin values, like the great progressive, Fighting Bob LaFollette: forward-looking, caring, able to hear both sides and make decisions which benefit all.

But Scott Walker? An extremist member of what was once a Grand Old Party, become so radical it must be repudiated.

If the recall fails, Walker will have power unopposed. There will be virtually no destructive legislation beyond his reach.

Our answer is Tuesday.

Wisconsinites! On June 5, vote -- bring as many friends to the polls as your car can carry -- and give Scott Walker his walking papers!