11/02/2010 02:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Kentucky an Election "Sneak Preview"

As Nate Silver and other election watchers have noted, the Kentucky Sixth Congressional District race between incumbent Democrat Ben Chandler and Republican challanger Andy Barr has been one of the tightest and most competitive Congressional races this year.

It also might be a glimpse of how the rest of the night might go for Democrats and Republicans.

Kentucky is one of the first states to post results. Barr winning would signal a huge Republican landslide while Chandler holding on to his seat mght signal a milder wave.

Ryan Alassi had a fascinating point in a post on his
CN2 Politics website.

In past 20 years, no one has won the 6th Congressional district without winning Madison County. It is the second larger county in the district, behind Fayette (Lexington.)

Chandler has always carried the much smaller Estill County, even though it is a strong Republican county. If Barr wins, or wins by a large margin in Estill, definitely an indicator of his having a chance to win.

Wallingford Broadcasting is doing election night radio coverage and will have live reports from the Madison County and Estill County courthouses. Thus they should have the very first results.

Don McNay of Richmond Kentucky is an award winning columnist and Huffington Post contributor. He will be providing election commentary on Wallingford Broadcasting.