03/17/2008 01:10 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

This Too Shall Pass?

When I was a kid growing up and trying to navigate my way through what I perceived then to be the catastrophes of life, my mother would regularly offer up two observations. One put me on notice, "You'll live!" and the other put me in my place in the universe, "This too shall pass." Both served me well until recently.

I'm now at the advanced boomer age of 61 when I have learned better than to make any assumptions about how long I'll live or just what might actually pass. I've lived long enough to see the Republican Party transformed from one of national defense, personal liberty and reasonable demands that government be responsible, to one of arrogant global offense, moral indignation and Social Darwinism as public policy.

John McCain's evolution from revolution to prostitution should be a lesson to us all about the sacrifices one claims to have to make for one's country.

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