01/24/2011 11:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Super Bowl Teams Show Obama Is Serious About Jobs

"The past two years were about pulling our economy back from the brink," President Obama said on Friday. "The next two years, our job now, is putting our economy into overdrive."

Yep, it's gonna be all about bringing back the kind honest jobs that made America great. Wow, he works fast.

In two weeks, we'll have the first Super Bowl to match two teams named after honest jobs that made America great. The Packers are named for the dedicated workers who helped build America by packing meat into cans. Cans made of metal. Like the metal produced by America's steelworkers -- Steelers.

I've become a kind of scholar in connecting Super Bowls and presidential policies during the research for my new football book, America Bowl: 44 Presidents vs. 44 Super Bowls in the Ultimate Match Up! I know, for example, that this isn't the first Super Bowl with two teams named after professions. But Super Bowl XXXVII, Buccaneers versus Raiders -- the first NFL championship to feature two teams named after pirates -- didn't promise as much for our economy. Neither did Super Bowl games that gave us the Chargers, or Bills. We've had Super Bowls with teams named for our nation's rugged individualists (Cowboys), get-rich-quick dreamers (49ers), and industrialists (Titans). Super Bowl XXXIX was the Patriots and the Eagles, which sounds very red, white and blue -- that could be the sides for a flag football game at Toby Keith's backyard barbecue. But flag waving aside, we need to put our country back to work. And what better way to start than with a Super Bowl celebrating decent jobs at decent wages?