03/31/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

John Edwards' Sex Tape: Should Politicians' Sexcapades Influence Our Vote?

He's a cheater, he's a liar, and guess what folks? John Edwards is now the star of his very own sex tape! Unbelievable. He was running for president, while his wife battled incurable cancer -- and he taped his sexcapades! To think this man could have been our President. Talk about a close call for America!

I am still sorry to hear about the Edwards split. It's tragic to see a family broken apart -- especially one that has already endured so much heartache. On the other hand, even for politicians this is a new low; a baby -- and a sex tape! No wonder Elizabeth Edwards finally packed it in.

This whole sordid saga brings up the age-old political debate: Should the fidelity of a politician be a consideration in terms of whom we vote for or against? Before I delve into that, I have to address the one thing that women will never understand: Like why, time after time, do seemingly respectable politicians risk their careers, reputations and marriages -- basically everything they have worked their entire lives to achieve -- by getting caught with their pants down, "making a mistake" with someone other than their wives? I can tell you this, there is only one answer women understand -- because they're idiots! Newsflash: There is a stupid gene attached to the Y chromosome! I believe Robin Williams said it best: "God gave man a penis and a brain, but only enough blood to run one at a time." And he should know, as he married his children's pregnant nanny and she has since divorced him too.

I believe that further scientific investigation will find strong evidence supporting an evolutionary glitch between the connection of a man's brain to the sound of his zipper. However, I am certain no scientific breakthrough can help restore John Edwards' credibility. His political career is over, and now his marriage is too. Did he really need to use the Today show to declare he is going to step up and be a good father to the child he had with Rielle Hunter? Go figure. I seem to be missing his need to showboat on this one. He clearly missed the memo that said "John Edwards is not the president, not accountable to the people, and will never again hold a public office." Certainly not as long as women account for half of the votes.

Those defending the insignificance of a politician's infidelity generally cite the historical list of brilliant politicians from John Adams to John Kennedy, and most recently Bill Clinton, all of whom were known to have marital indiscretions while holding public office. Infidelity and politicians have been linked since the beginning of time. However, there is a high-speed difference today. Tabloid fame and fortune are incentives for catching a rat, and where there is a politician up to no good, there is likely to be a Pulitzer Prize gunning team of paparazzi not far behind. And, thank goodness there is! The National Enquirer might just deserve that Pulitzer Prize for this one. Imagine, where America would be right now if we had President Edwards in the office? He would make Bill Clinton would look like a boy scout in comparison.

I think all Americans learned some memorable lessons during the Clinton years (besides the definition of sex). I don't think any American believes we received the best President Clinton had to offer when he had to shift his focus from the business of our nation, to the legal defense of his lies regarding his involvement with Monica Lewinsky. President Clinton's taste for expensive cigars and Monica's cheap blue dress cost our nation a fortune.

From Madoff to mortgages, and billions of dollars of corruption in between, America has seen a great lapse in morality. The lies, greed and theft that has swept our country will cost us all dearly in ways that will take generations to recover. The stakes are higher than ever for America and we are going to have to be much more cautious with whom we place our trust.

Here is the big lesson for all Americans: In the poker game of politics, we should think of cheating as a tell, a political poker tell, that gives us a good indication as to the character of a player. When it comes to people, especially politicians, you may not always be able to tell if somebody is a liar just by looking at them, but if you know them to be a cheater, then you know them to be a liar. In fact, there is never such a thing as a cheater who is not a liar.

Here is how you use an infidelity poker tell to determine if the personal transgretions of others should matter to you. Ask yourself this question: "Does the person cheating have any consequence on my life?" If so, then just say no. Do not place your heart, your children, your trust, your faith, your assets, your stock, your company, your banking, your brand, or your country in the hands of a cheater, because is cheater is a liar, and everyone knows a liar can't be trusted.

America no longer has the the luxury of learning lessons the hard way.