11/20/2013 02:58 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Thanksgiving: Is It Only One Day a Year?

Most of us focus on being thankful for all that we have on a Thursday in November over a turkey dinner, but what happens on the other 364 days? Well, we go about our routines and obligations, becoming once again conscious of our dissatisfactions and wants. What we fail to realize, though, is that in every second of every one of those other 364 days, each of us is making an energetic choice to either create or destroy the moments of our lives until the next Thanksgiving Day rolls around.

For the most part, we are completely unaware of this added responsibility. It is indeed a full-time job. However, every word we speak and every thought we think, counts. There are no exceptions. No free passes are given to those living unconsciously of this fact. Not one of us is excused from pulling in for ourselves a future we did not intend, a future that simply materialized as a result of our attitudes and moods waffling back and forth from reacting to all of life's little dramas.

The good news is we have the opportunity to change each moment we live for the better. If we could really pay attention to how we face the circumstances of each day, and recognize that this act of mindfulness is a significant and profound tool just waiting to be utilized, then we can also recognize that our daily energy, whether thankful or not, is the determining factor of our future.

Once we fully understand that we choose our alignment and point of attraction in every instant -- that all of our power to create or destroy lies in the present time, not the past or the future -- we will consciously begin to notice our reactions to everyday occurrences, and therefore, begin to shift them in very positive and meaningful ways.

Here are three changes in perception we can make starting today in order to take immediate advantage of this year-long power of "thanksgiving" and live happier more abundant lives.

1) From "Have to," to "Get to."
When we know we have to do something that we consider a burden, we become the biggest obstacles to our own happiness. We dismiss the present moment, judge it, then place our focus on waiting for something better to come along once we get through this.

What we don't realize at the time, however, is that no matter what we "have to do," if our attitude towards it is negative, we are providing the universe with a vibration that it will make a priority and act upon. Instead, what we really need to do is choose to perceive the situation as something that has value, regardless of what it is. We then change the burden to an experience -- an opportunity to create positive energy right then and there. You are constantly radiating energy. Is it going to be energy that is destructive to your future, or energy that resonates with love and excitement? In seeing that all is special, and that, you "get to" experience even the smallest of things each day, the magnetic vibration of your appreciative attitude has the power to change the direction of your entire life going forward.

2) From "It shouldn't be," to "It is what it is."
The key to staying centered and peaceful no matter what is happening around you is acceptance. When you shift from a standpoint of judging a situation, yourself, or others to accepting that there is a reason behind everything, that there is a bigger picture that you may not comprehend, and that it's okay, then you bring harmony, synchronicity and abundance into your life. You step into the universal flow of energy, which supports an honoring, loving, joyous point of view and charges that moment in time with powerful energy.

3) From "I need," to "I have."
When we see what is missing from our lives, we perpetuate it. If you consistently observe lack in your life, the insufficiencies will grow. There are two universal laws at work here in particular. The law of paradoxical intent and the law of magnetism. The law of paradoxical intent takes effect when you desire one thing, but you focus on your dissatisfaction in not having it. Therefore, altering your words and thoughts from those of dissatisfaction to those of appreciation, will elevate your resonance making you receptive, not resistant, to your desire. When you recognize all of the good you already have in your life, you activate The law of magnetism. This law states that if you are thankful, the universe will bring you more to be thankful for. Unfortunately, however, the opposite is also true.

"Thank you" are the two most powerful words any of us can send out into the universe for ourselves, so send them out as much as possible! Keeping a gratitude journal is an extremely helpful tool for transforming an attitude of lack into an attitude of gratitude. Every night before bed, write down whatever you were grateful for that day -- big or small -- a promotion, a parking space or someone who smiled at you. Think of as many things as possible. When you're having a tough day, pull out your journal and realize all the wonderful things you have to be thankful for -- your mood will certainly change for the better.

When you focus on making the present a joyful and loving experience, you don't dwell on the past or worry about the future anymore. Honoring the present moment with appreciation and value allows everything else to take care of itself.

Our moment-to-moment decisions are really our defining moments. They are what determine the course of our lives. We not only need to stay conscious of what we are experiencing, but we also need to value it. Finding the joy in the here and now is the gateway to future joy. Don't play the waiting game that someday you'll be happy. Choose now with your present energy. Intend to enjoy the present and be thankful for it. All experiences are opportunities to create positive energy. The energetic seed of all future happiness is planted in the here and now.

The following is a blessing my father always used to give at the dinner table, especially on Thanksgiving Day. Since this will be our first Thanksgiving without him, I feel it is appropriate to pass it along to all of you:

Thank you, Lord, for the blessings of another day,
For health and strength, for food and shelter,
For all the good things we have and all the good things we may share,
May each succeeding day unfold beauty, wisdom and love. Amen

(Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!)