02/25/2013 08:21 am ET Updated Apr 27, 2013

The Golden Rule of Energy

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Sound familiar? Those are powerful words to live by. However, when placed in the context of giving and receiving energy, The Golden Rule takes on profound significance: This invisible exchange of energy creates a bond between The Golden Rule and The Law of Cause and Effect. Therefore, not only is it important to be aware that treating others the way we would like to be treated is morally the right thing to do, it is just as important to understand that for every one of our actions, there is an equal and opposite reaction that we draw toward ourselves. In other words, "What goes around comes around."

Here are three ways we sometimes make the mistake of ignoring The Golden Rule and how The Law of Cause and Effect makes us pay for it every single time:

1) Besmirching a Reputation:

Wishing another person ill-will, spreading gossip and rumors, and judging or criticizing another's success, either personally or professionally, invites that same behavior from others into your own life. It's the boomerang effect. Whenever you're tempted to speak out against another person's life choices, whether most people would agree with you or not, just stop and think, "Is this what I want for myself? Do I want other people saying these things about me?" You should never do something to others that you do not want to experience yourself.

When you hear others talking in an unflattering or hateful way about someone else, and you join in, how does it make you feel? Superior? Important? Try keeping these words of wisdom in the back of your mind, "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice." Stand up for others. You would want them to stand up for you. If you consistently follow The Golden Rule, The Law of Cause and Effect will consistently have your back.

2) Leaving Good Deeds Undone:

Making others feel special and valued is necessary. Don't we all like to feel that way? This is not just about showing respect toward another person, although that of course is essential, unless you'd like to be shown disrespect. No, this is about going out of your way and making the effort to do a good thing that you know you didn't have to do, but really wanted to do because you knew it would make someone else feel really good. It doesn't matter if it's in regard to your business interactions, your loved ones, or a complete stranger. For instance, maybe there is a charity you've heard needs volunteers and donations. You know you don't have to help out. You also know you won't directly be receiving any compensation for it. However, you decide to make a contribution of time or money simply because it will benefit another soul, put a smile on their face, and hopefully make their life a little easier. Taking action and having the awareness that you could be the one in need of assistance if it were for a different set of circumstances, and that if you were in that position, you would appreciate being treated with the same compassion, will bring abundance to you through other sources.

Making others feel good makes you feel good, too. Doing nice things for people raises your own vibration and puts you in alignment to receive positive situations in your life. Good feelings are simply magnets for experiences that cause you to feel more good feelings. You serve yourself by serving others. In doing what's right for others, you cause the right things to be done for you.

3) Being Discouraging:

There is a time and a place for practicality. However, I firmly believe that when you discourage someone from following their dreams, you block or delay the happiness, abundance, and prosperity that would otherwise be headed in your direction. Why? Because you are interfering with another individual's life path, dissuading them from doing what they love, and possibly keeping them from experiencing the joy of living their purpose on this earth.

Elevate others, and you elevate yourself. Who are we to say that another person's dreams and passions are wrong? Most visionaries that have changed the course of humanity in the fields of technology, medicine, art, and many other professions, were discouraged and considered foolish or completely off their rockers, but they didn't listen to their opposition and became great men and women of history. Just think where we would be without all of the inventions and breakthroughs that have propelled us through the ages. Encouraging a person to pursue their ideas, inspirations, and talents not only has an extremely powerful and positive effect on their own life, but on yours as well. Building people up changes lives; tearing them down does, too. Which side would you rather be on?

Each day, it is of great significance that we contemplate which of our actions do or do not add value to the human experience. The only way to assess this is to feel. We've been created with a tangible mechanism called emotion. This is our natural GPS. It tells us when we are aligned with our highest good and, in essence, are causing an effect that supports the highest good of all. Our happiness comes when we follow this built-in guidance system. Our unhappiness comes when we veer off course. Listen to your GPS where others are concerned, and act accordingly. You will most certainly be rewarded... it's a rule and a law!

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