08/27/2014 03:28 pm ET Updated Oct 27, 2014

You and Me: We All Create Abundance Every Day

Digital Vision. via Getty Images

The fact is that we create abundance for ourselves every single day. How can that be, you ask? You may be sitting there saying to yourself, "I don't have abundance: I never have any money, I have all these aches and pains and my wife is probably going to leave me just like the last two did!"

Well, you are definitely creating abundance in your life, but the BIG question is: an abundance of what? It is very possible to be creating an abundance of lack, an abundance of poor health and an abundance of troubled relationships in your life. You see, we all create various things for ourselves -- some good, some not so good -- but the key is to recognize that sometimes we're our own worst enemies.

The exciting part is that we have the power to turn things around and become our own heroes. Ask yourself these five important questions in order to become more self-aware and make positive changes to the type of abundance you bring into your life today:

1. What Message Am I Delivering to Myself?

We send lots of fun, kind, caring text messages and emails to other people, but what messages are we sending to ourselves? How about: "You aren't good enough.
You don't deserve to be loved. You are unimportant. Have a nice day!"
We need to start delivering love and support to ourselves! When you are constantly putting yourself down, what kind of abundance do you really think you are attracting? So how about writing this note to yourself from now on: "You ARE good enough. You DO deserve to be loved. You ARE important. Have a nice day!"

2. Am I Sure That My Money Can Only Come From One Place?

Don't get stuck in the mindset that you know where your money can come from. This limiting belief will trip you up every time by blocking any monetary abundance that is trying to come to you. If you say to yourself, "It can't come from this, and it can't come from there; it can only come from here, and here is not looking too good," then you are deciding that for yourself. In truth, there are infinite possibilities... you just can't see them. Money comes from unexpected sources each and every day to people. There isn't a finite amount. There is plenty to go around, but not if you shut it down before it even has a chance to flow in your direction like a current...hence, "currency." You are essentially saying, "No, I cannot have the money that I need." Therefore, your limiting beliefs are creating an abundance of lack that can only be turned around by believing differently.

3. Am I Jealous of Other People?

This question can be difficult for most individuals to admit. We don't like to think of ourselves as being envious of someone else, but if you've ever seen another person and made a derogatory remark about how or why they have all that they do, then you need to really take note of it. Be aware that another's wealth and happiness is not taking away from yours. If you are critical of another person's success, no matter how much you think they don't deserve it, be VERY careful. The last thing you want to do is throw negative energy at someone lest it come back to bite you! Just remember that the universe has an infinite supply of everything and say, "Good for them!"

4. Do I Get Attention When I Have Challenges?

Usually, we all get more attention when other people feel bad for us because of something we're dealing with. It may be hard for some to understand why, but there are lots of people out there who create the wrong kind of abundance because they like getting inappropriate attention. It may be a subconscious thing, not even realizing they do it. And yes, we all want to be supportive and helpful to those who truly need it, but there are those folks who ALWAYS have something to complain about. What they are really doing is creating an abundance of negative circumstances in their lives and reaffirming them over and over again. These people are definitely their own worst enemies, and when we cater to their every trouble in life, we are doing a real disservice to them.

5. Am I Stagnant?

Complacency is not a good trait to have. We cannot create positive abundance in our lives if we don't make positive changes. When you don't like the way your life is going and you do nothing to change it, then you have no right to complain when things don't get better. We all need to recognize that our lives and our happiness are our own responsibilities. Doing the same things you've done day after day and year after year and wondering why nothing good ever happens to you means you are "stagnant". Don't expect your life circumstances to change if you are not willing to make an effort to change first.

So now the question is: How can we all be more aware of and transform the kind of abundance we are creating each day? The answer: Love yourself, be open to the power of possibility, live and let live, be supportive but not enabling, and make a concerted effort to be the change you wish to see.