05/13/2011 03:35 pm ET Updated Jul 13, 2011

Don't Get Fueled Again

It's deja vu all over again.

Big Oil charges us record prices at the pump, gleefully takes welfare payments (our tax dollar subsidies) and then tells us it's someone else's fault. Their CEOs did it again on May 12th in front of Congress ... with no shame.

"We can't help it!" they shout. "We are price takers, not price makers. But if you take our special rights and tax benefits away, we're gonna take your price and make it higher."

Where are our voices? Where is our echo chamber?

There are solutions to high gas prices other than "drill, baby, drill." They include giving Big Oil some competition for our energy dollars and making them live under the free market that they and their political errand boys in Congress claim they like.

After all, the "free" market doesn't mean oil and coal are free to pollute, free to take welfare subsidies, or free to charge us whatever they want no matter what it does to our personal and family budgets.

One group of folks -- www.CheaperGas.US -- has decided to have this conversation with the American people. But we cannot do it alone. While progressives are talking to each other and fighting the absolutely necessary fight in Washington to protect the EPA's authority to regulate pollution ...

... Big Oil and "Clean" Coal are talking to the people that matter in American politics -- regular folks who go to the pump every day and get gouged. "It's the liberals' fault! It's the solar industry's fault! It's certainly not our fault!"

And, while Americans don't like their oil companies, they're just not hearing other arguments. Check your favorite environmental or climate website to see.

Let's have a conversation with folks -- capture and direct frustrated Americans to the conversation we want to have. Are you in? Will you help? Go to your email and your Facebook page. Get on your telephone.

Let's not get fueled again.


Donnie Fowler
Silicon Valley