03/28/2013 04:28 pm ET Updated May 28, 2013

The Great Boob Embrace

There is an unspoken, mostly unconscious rule of thumb that goes on between female friends each time they share an affectionate hug: Where to place your boobs. Will you be fitting your right boob in between hers, or are you a lefty? Because women don't hug each other in the same way that they hug men -- which is sort of a full-on, smashed-boob type of scenario. Instead, when we hug each other, our bodies fit together like puzzle pieces -- that's how we get closer. That's how we feel the love within the embrace. And oh, what a beautiful, warm feeling it is to be a part of the Great Boob Embrace.

The other day, I went to meet a friend for lunch. She and I hadn't seen each other for quite some time and we were really excited about getting together. As it always is with us, we are very physical with displays of affection and all of our meetings start and end with rapturous hugging sessions. This last time, while cuddling me close, she said, "Wow, your boobs feel so nice to hug!"

That's when we noticed that not only was it nice (and warm, and lovely, and perfect) -- it was also comfortable insomuch as we always hugged in the same way: right boob in the center, which works for both parties, when you think about it. So, we spent a few more minutes hugging with our right boobs snuggled between the other's and we decided it was time to experiment. Would it feel just as good with our left boobs in the center position?

No go! It didn't work as well. For some reason, hugging with the left boob in the middle felt unnatural and forced. Oh, I mean it wasn't torturous, it just wasn't as second nature as the right boob positioning.

We figured that it might have to do with the fact that we were both right-handed, and that the placement of the breasts within an embrace might be a result of the dominant arm. Whatever it was, it was certainly fun to notice this in action. What was even nicer was to know that -- in each other -- we had a friend with whom we could feel open enough to comfortably approach this kind of observation.

There is literally nothing in the world like two women hugging each other. If you've got a friend, especially a squishy one -- hug her. Don't deprive yourself this incredibly nurturing joy. Take advantage of this remarkable female nature of ours, this incredible ability to give and receive love and affection. One moment spent in The Great Boob Embrace is like being marinated in love. It's all-encompassing.

Want to have fun? Next time you hug your girlfriend, notice which boob goes where... you'll notice that there is a method, though neither party will be conscious of it at the time!

Hug a woman today. It's good stuff.