11/17/2014 09:15 pm ET Updated Jan 17, 2015

The New GOP Congress Americans Do Not 'Wish They Had'

The man who lost the last (presidential) election round and who goes around talk shows trying to pretend he did not, has some advice for the man who beat him in 2012.

Appearing on Sunday"s CBS Face the Nation, failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney told Bob Schieffer, when asked about the possibility of "Obama taking executive action to overhaul immigration policy," "The president has got to learn that he lost this last election round."

The man who lost the last (presidential) election round said so after lecturing his nemesis about how to fight ISIL ("what we should have done by now is have -- is have American troops staying by in -- in Iraq") and after implying that perhaps the President should just curl up in a fetal position, contrary to David Axelrod's and most Americans' expectations. "The President ought to let the Republican Congress, the Republican House and the Republican Senate come together with legislation that they put on his desk which relates to immigration," the man who lost the last (presidential) election round told Bob Schieffer.

This latest bit of GOP arrogance is very similar to Mitch McConnell's recent hubris: "We'd like for the president to recognize the reality that he has the government that he has, not the one that he wishes he had, and work with us," when a "very disturbed" incoming Senate Majority Leader lamented that the president was still the President and was still intending to use his executive powers.

Which, in turn, is very reminiscent of the effrontery of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld whose callous response to a soldier asking for better protection for our troops in Iraq was: "You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time."

Memo to Messrs. Romney and McConnell -- and to the GOP:

Midterm elections are not intended to neuter a president. They are midcourse corrections intended to make government work better for the people who elect their representatives; to -- in fact -- transform the government we have into the government the people wish they have. On November 4, 2014, the American people gave Republicans another chance to stop the obstruction, stop the obfuscation, stop the gridlock, stop the arrogance, stop the raw partisanship and work with a man who is still President of the United States for the common good of all Americans, not just a few.

To do all this, congressional Republicans must disprove the disturbing allegation that they "have been sent to Washington with a mandate not so much to conduct business but rather to collect a bounty, to do what they promised and what their supporters expect: Stop Obama at any cost and at every turn, to erase his name or at least put an asterisk by it."

Or will they?