01/12/2012 05:25 pm ET Updated Mar 13, 2012

Doug's Dozen: 12 Captions for Mitt Romney Getting a Shoeshine at the Airport

The infamous photo...

1. "Oh, don't worry about getting polish on my silk sock. I like firing people."

2. "Maybe I did say brown polish. But that was minutes ago. Now I want black."

3. "By the way, better untie Rover from the fuselage."

4. "Don't expect a big tip. I'm unemployed, you know. Ha, ha."

5. "You live in Massachusetts, right? If anybody asks, I lived in your basement when I voted in the last election."

6. "By the way, this counts as a job I created."

7. "We're in luck -- the inflight movie is Battlefield Earth!"

8. "You used to be a steel worker in South Carolina? Hey, small world! I downsized you."

9. "Some of my best friends are Hispanic people. Pemex, Taco Bell Corporation, Chipotle Incorporated..."

10. "Back pain, huh? Too bad you didn't tell me back when I gave a crap about health care."

11. "Oh, you got sent to 'Nam? I wish I could've made it, but I couldn't get out of my missionary position."

12. "Well, if you'd made a wiser choice of parents, maybe I'd be shining your shoes."

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