05/02/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Republican Health Care Plan: Think of All the Paper We Save!

Anyone can argue for life. But John McCain is fighting for an insurance system that effectively kills 45,000 uninsured Americans each year.

Now that takes guts. It's like championing the cause of lung cancer or traffic accidents. He has to be willing to take an unpopular stand...and also, huge donations. He has to condemn the idea of government paying for health care, without turning beet-red when voters remind him that they pay for his. Even though he could afford to buy his own insurance....with those huge donations.

Fortunately, his Republican colleagues like Boehner, Coburn and Kyl are taking the same brave stand (and equally huge donations.)

And think of all the paper we'll save -- instead of a 2,700 page law, just one-page denial of coverage letter.

It's time to sing his praises. With as many sour notes as possible.



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