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Mining the Audio Motherlode, Volume 181 -- Great Free Music Online

Originally posted at WFMU's Beware of the Blog.

Give the Drummer Some's

Favorite Downloads from the MP3 Blogosphere 

Like buying a used record with a previous owner's name on it, sometimes MP3 files for an album appearing on one blog are traceable -- through the unique set of pops and clicks heard on the original vinyl -- to a posting of the same recording at another. This usurping of someone else's links (not to mention their efforts to rip the tracks and scan the cover art) is generally frowned upon in the blog world, but sometimes a new blogger will step in to resurrect access to a great old record whose original link is no longer working.

Occasionally, you can follow the MP3 files for the same slab of vinyl as it gets shared and re-shared at different blogs over time. Take for example the lead item in today's Motherlode. Originally posted in 2010 at  A Pyrex Scholar, it was almost immediately re-posted at another blog called Smokin' Drops (whose proprietor apologized for the breach of blog etiquette, then never posted another record!). At some point during the past two years, the original Pyrex link was removed, but Smokin' Drops' offering of the same files is still available. Now stepping into the fray is a new blog called An Ism to Horns and Beats, which has served up the very same record -- and the same MP3 files -- all over again. One imagines that someday soon, the Smokin' Drops link will die and the new blog will continue carrying the torch.

Whenever and from whomever you satisfy your music Jones online, just be sure to grab this gem before all links are gone for good.

Tommy McGee  ~  Positive-Negative

(Blog: An Ism to Horns and Beats)


"Basically it's stupid rare and your never gonna see let alone own a copy!  (Description by The Purist, at A Pyrex Scholar)

Stanley Cowell  ~  Blues for the Viet Cong

(Blog: The Boogieman Will Get Ya!)

On Jane Fonda's iPod?

"It's a long time I wanted to listen to Stanley Cowell's first album.  It is significant to note that Cowell's first date as a leader was recorded in UK on a 'major' (Polydor), an opportunity that probably would not be conceivable in the States.  It is therefore understandable that later on, Cowell (and Charles Tolliver) decided to set up their own independent label, to provide an outlet for creative Afro-American artists neglected by the recording industry in the US. The European re-issue on CD (as Travelin' Man - on Black Lion in 1992) has been long OOP and from what I've read the sound quality wasn't that good."  (Description by Boogieman)

Various  ~  "Sound of the World: Turkey"

(Blog: Turkish Punk)

Different Continent, Same Snarl

A selection of band names: Necrosis, Nux Vomica, Government Collapsed, Radical Noise

A selection of song titles: Stagedive to Cop, Opressed Youth, Injustice Order

Whistler's Jug Band

(Blog: Crazy Blues)

Whistle While You Blow

"One of the many African-American jug bands that flourished in the Louisville area in the '20s and '30s, Whistler's Jug Band, led by guitarist and novelty player Buford Threlkeld ("Whistler"), was distinctive on several counts. It was the first band of its type to record (starting in 1924), and it featured a ragtime and jazz repertoire that predated the later blues favored by groups like the Memphis Jug Band. Whistler's Jug Band became pioneers in preserving their music on film when they did a number for the Fox-Movietone newsreel in May 1930 ("Foldin' Bed"). Whistler's regular banjo player Willie Black is heard here, but other members are unknown."  (Description credited to Palm Pictures at

Gerhard Trede & Joe Ufer  ~  Phasing Drums & Electronic Sounds

(Blog: The Public Library)


"Another sought after library from Selected Sound's 9000 series which usually reaches high prices over 100US dollars on eBay. Gerhard Trede and Joe Ufer share the compositions on this LP. Trede is known for his early psych electronic sounds, Joe Ufer presents pure - phased out - solo drums, with lots of nice breaks! Enjoy..."  (Description by Bob Flapz, at Library Music Rarities)

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