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Mining the Audio Motherlode, Volume 183 -- Great Free Music Online

Originally posted at WFMU's Beware of the Blog.

Give the Drummer Some's

Favorite Downloads from the MP3 Blogosphere

This post is for those 47% of readers who are dependent on Mining the Audio Motherlode, who believe that they are victims, who believe Mining the Audio Motherlode has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to great free downloadable music. That that's an entitlement. And that Mining the Audio Motherlode should give it to them. And they will support the Miner no matter what and will never be convinced to take personal responsibilities for their lives.

My job is to worry about those people.


Emanuel Lasky  ~  Welfare Cheese

(Blog: The Singing Bones)

A Good Source of Protein

Here's a topically relevant groover for all you Freddie Freeloaders and Minnie Moochers just standing around waiting to be handed sonic thrills on a silver platter.

Hanny H.R.  ~  Dodol Garut

(Blog: Madrotter-Treasure-Hunt)

Calung Along With Me

"Here's a very, very nice very swinging calung cassette...."  (Description by Henk Madrotter)

[Ed note: Very.]


Suni McGrath  ~  Cornflower Suite

(Blog: Ghostcapital)

Share and Share a Like

This gorgeous album has been all over the blogs the past five years. The terrific Grown So Ugly first posted it in 2007. When that blog went belly-up, Zoltar's Revenge carried the torch in 2009 (earning a mention in Motherlode #144). When Grown So Ugly came back briefly in 2010, Ghostcapital devoted a post to the record, linking back to GSU's original offering. Now this year, with all previous links now moribund, Nicholab from Ghostcapital has upped a fresh vinyl rip for all to enjoy. Don't sleep on it!


Various  ~  Guinée An X: Grand Tiercé Musical

(Blog: Aduna Blog)

Welcome Back Aduna!

"1968 was the banner year for African music of Guinea. It was at this time that the channels of radio and television in Africa. as the world began to disseminate widely this music "folk" specific harmoniously composed by training talent. A year later, that is to say in 1969 the First Pan-African Festival of Algiers, Guinea African music performed by a modern orchestra, stands out as the most expressive, the most beautiful and the most consistent with canons established in the rich artistic and cultural tradition of our peoples. Requested by its many fans, Syliphone Records has decided to republish this volume stuck in nightclubs like the first meeting of the big three of Guinean music.." (Inexact translation of the jacket notes )


Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band  ~  Floating

(Blog: Murky Recess)

Inter-Groupie Therapy

"At first listen, Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band sounds a lot like their name suggests: feel-good hippie commune music with a lot of acoustic guitar-- somewhere in between Ya Ho Wa 13 and The Family International. But the grandiosity of the harmonies might clue you in to the group's proggier pedigree. The songs are credited to A. Koulouris and A. Loafer (a pseudonym). The former is Argiris 'Silver' Koulouris, guitarist for Greek cum French psych superstars Aphrodite's Child. A. Loafer is most likely band mate Vangelis..."  (Description by Murky Recess)


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