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Mining the Audio Motherlode, Volume 177

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Favorite Downloads from the MP3 Blogosphere 

In the realm of record collecting, valuing obscure for obscure's sake is pretty lame. If that impossibly rare disc you just liberated from a dusty dollar bin is impossible to listen to, what's the point? Nevertheless, there's an undeniable thrill that comes with unearthing some vinyl marvel that few before you have laid ears on. The quintet of offerings in today's Motherlode are all new to me, and judging by the dearth of information available online, they will be new to most readers, too.

Even my old standby of searching WFMU's mile-deep playlist database revealed next-to-nothing. Only one of the five LPs--the loopy, psycho-electronica from Emil Richards (see below)--made an appearance. So quick, drop these beauties into your MP3 player, then call up WFMU and stump your favorite DJ.


Bidon K  ~  Bidon K

(Blog: Boxes of Toys)

Speciak K

"A collective of three percussionists that play regular percussion in addition to modified/invented percussion instruments and electronics. Interesting stuff. Gets pretty out there on a few tracks with the electronics! Fans of Pierre Henry, Nurse with wound, Stockhausen, etc should take note."  (Description taken from promo copy for an old posting at Collectors Frenzy)

Various  ~  Trt Ara Müzikleri

(Blog: Music From All Around)

Istanbul Sessions

Quite a lovely--sometimes breezy, sometimes funky--jazz comp produced for Turkish television. PICK HIT: "Çeçen Kizi" which features American reedman Nathan Davis.


Coco Lagos y Su Locos  ~  Así... No...

(Blog: Mi-Melodia)

Peruvian Groovyin'

"We congratulate Coco Lagos for this group that has brought about a real aware of the salsa rhythm. We were also pleased to be responsible for bringing to you these magnificent versions, and although we feel the LP will speak for itself, however allow this brief comment. Coco Lakes is considered the best drummer (and also bongo player) in Peru and the other members of his group are just as good. That is why the content of this LP is fully guaranteed. So we congratulate Coco Lagos and we congratulate you, because you know HERE IS SALSA!" (From the liner notes, liberally translated)


Emil Richards  ~  New Sound Elements "Stones"

(Blog: Mutant Sounds)


"Booted a little while back in an edition paired with Hal Blaine's wild "Psychedelic Percussion" this drop dead staggering proto-electronica classic from a fellow session drummer in circulation around the same time as Blaine comes on in a technicolor blaze of absurdist electronic merriment and just doesn't let up. Tom Dissevelt, Perrey & Kingsley, David Vorhaus and Mort Garson are the best frames of reference here, with Dissevelt's classic "Electronic Music" LP under the Electrosoniks moniker being the most accurate touchstone for the wildly percolating and cartoonish tuned percussion and electronic popcorn zipping around the stereo field here. Utterly and completely essential."  (Description by Vdoandsound)


The Downtown-Sister, New Heaven  ~  Gospel and Spirituals

(Blog: Desfile De Quartetos)

Joker's Wild

I can't much info about this charming old-style small-group gospel LP other than it was available for $168 at one website and $6.71 at another. It was released in Italy on the Joker label in 1971.

[Update: It turns out Joker is only half the story as this LP is nothing more than a boot of recordings by Sister Rosetta Tharpe & the Southern Mission Choir. Silly Italians!]



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