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Mining the Audio Motherlode, Volume 206 -- Great Free Music Online

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Favorite Downloads from the MP3 Blogosphere

Most excellent news! One of the preeminent music bloggers out there--Reza, who
not long ago shuttered his site, El Reza, after nearly six years of stellar
sharing--has resurfaced as a contributor to another blog!

Earlier this year, it appeared that Reza had returned after taking some time off, but his return was agonizingly short-lived. Now, once again, it appears that our man with big ears is back in action, this time as a partner in sublime with Boogieman from the wonderful blog The Boogieman Will Get Ya! And if Reza's debut contribution is any indication (see our lead item, below), the sonic thrill ride is back on track. Welcome back, Reza!



Georg Riedel  ~  Riedaiglia

(Blog: The Boogieman Will Get Ya!)

How Swede It Is

"Superb Nordic jazz with shades of Sun Ra / Art Ensemble Of Chicago / Palle Mikkelborg Mysterious Corona / Marion Brown's Le Temps Fou funky free jazz and groovy psychedelic sounds of the period. Experimental mood music recorded in the studios of the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation for the TV ballet, Riedaiglia (an avant garde dance production by Lars Egler with choreography by Alvin Ailey). Features the psychedelic club tune Gluttony, Strange, spacey and addictive atmospheres with lots more improvised jazz horns / scat voices / sophisticated rhythms and solos throughout the whole LP."  (Description by Reza)

George Barnes Octet ~  The Complete Standard Transcriptions

(Blog: Twilightzone!)

Favorite Song Title: "Intricacies of a Threshing Machine"

Barnes was one of the most underrated of the jazz guitarists that came
up during the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. He was easily recognized for
the duets he made with Carl Kress, but sometimes overlooked as one of
the great jazz stylists and innovators."  (Description from Classic Jazz Guitar)

[This essential collection was originally shared in Motherlode #111.]


Roberto Darvin y Su Onda  ~  Roberto Darvin y Su Onda

(Blog: Juggler of Music)

Survival of the Hippest

"A strange album, hard to classify to a genre. It's got a kind of acoustic sound and joke vibe to it, like they had fun recording it. And there's some nonsense on some of the tracks. Perhaps a slice of the counter culture in South America. Though it came out on Caytronics, this is not mainstream music, definitely didn't see any radio play. The stand out track is easily 'Ayer Me Dijeron Negro.'"  (Description by Musk)


José "Zeca" Afonso  ~  Eu Vou Ser Como a Toupeira

(Blog: The Red Hippie)

Troubadour of Liberty

"Eu Vou Ser Como A Toupeira is the Sixth Album by the Portuguese traditional/protest musician Zeca Afonso. After the release of Cantigas Do Maio, Zeca returned to Portugal and resumed his political and Musical activities. His persecution by the Fascist police continued and many of his concerts were cancelled, and his connections to LUAR (roughly translated to League for Unity and Revolutionary Action, a far-left urban guerrilla group) deepened more than they ever had. This change, a notorious radicalization if compared to albums three years back, was clear to everyone. Some of the songs present in Eu Vou Ser Como A Toupeira were directly about the atrocities committed by the Fascists. (The opening Song, 'A Morte Saiu À Rua,' [Death is out in the Streets] is probably is second best-known song, only after 'Grândola Vila Morena,' about the cold-blooded assassination of the painter and Communist militant, José Dias Coelho)."  (Description by TheRedHippieTeenager)


Ces Diables de Batteurs Tahitiens  ~  Rythmes et Chants de Tahitit, Vol. 2

(Blog: Mrs. Blucher)

Drums in Paradise

Just grab this already. What do you want me to say? The bang on drums and yell their throats raw. Good clean fun.





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