11/09/2012 12:36 pm ET Updated Jan 09, 2013

An Election Retrospective: Pessimists Are Never Disappointed

This is another way of saying, "expect the worst, hope for the best."

As a coastal American and a member of the (misnamed) blue states, and what is more, the epicenter of abolitionism -- Massachusetts; as a former white officer in a black Army unit at the twilight of segregation; as a second son, in principle not destined to wear the crown and therefore less establishment-oriented: my heart was with President Obama throughout the recent election campaign.

But my head was otherwise. I constantly predicted a win for Governor Romney. As in my last blog ("The Enduring First Debate Effect: They Finally Found a White Man They Could Like"), I felt that the underlying strain of racism was just too strong in this country, viz. the irrational hatred of the president who, by his personality, is not a hate-inducing figure. How else to explain such fanaticism except by this underlying vein of racism?

The most egregious example of this intransigeance against the occupant of the White House was the statement by the Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, that his chief political aim in life was to deny a second term for President Obama.

I stuck to my prediction even as Governor Christie unexpectedly embraced and praised President Obama on the Jersey Shore.

Well, I was wrong. And I've never been so happy that I was wrong.