11/05/2012 02:11 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

The Morning After

The horror of storm Sandy's destruction on the East Coast may be an ominous sign for Tuesday's own presidential election storm.

Or will the election itself prove to be a benign conclusion after a terrifying weather warning; skies of fog with patches of disinterested drizzle.

We have seen a blizzard of hysterical forecasts, the dark warnings of what may lie ahead for America's future under the reign of either Obama or Romney in these next four years.

Will we wake up Wednesday morning to a newly enhanced potential for national and social destruction or will we face a familiar, newly renewed, 4-year steady paced same old unraveling of an America we used to know and love.

This is the question that surrounds the election. America is tired. I can't count the number of smart people who understand that either candidate is wrong for this country.

That Obama is better for women.

That it is not helpful or enlivening to watch cable news commentators yell and shill for their candidates.

That it is not "all good" anymore, if it ever had been. (Enough with the promotion of the lie of "it's all good"!)

That the women's movement has dissolved as a united force, and there is now in fact an opening for an American regime that erases all progress for women's rights that have been hard won and forged during these last five decades.

That while President Obama inherited the wretched ruins of the Bush administration's economic destruction, he continued to appoint and retain members of the economic circle from Bush's regime.

From a distance, it is tempting to feel compassion for a weary young president, yet one who promised real change while actually lacking the fire and the guts to instigate that change.

From a distance, it is tempting to believe that candidate Mitt Romney, as a businessman, may know more about economics at a time when that is what is needed to help Americans survive.
Yet, here is a man who did not publicly scorn his fellow Republican, Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, for wanting to make rape an act of God's intent.

See what I mean? Exhausting.

The urgent questions are obscured and left unanswered, such as: How did we get into this position of not having a true contender for President of the United States?

I'm not talking about whether a person speaks well, reads well in public, is a physically handsome figure, or is able to fill the public stage with examples of "family," progeny, and virility.

When did we stop looking for, and here it is: When did we stop seeing examples of candidates with true spontaneous intelligence -- the kind that inspires beyond a surface presentation.

Where is the candidate who embodies brilliance of mind, originality of thought, depth and fire of true compassion, and the ability to make unpopular decisions on behalf of what is authentically best for the welfare of citizens in this country.

You may be saying, "oh, blah dee blah blah," if you're still fractionally with me here. You may think it's impossible to find such a person for president. "Get real" you may say in between a yawn and an incoming text.

But think about it.

The secret in this election is that amidst the blasting endorsements and threats and promises, Americans have gone back to sleep, just as both Romney and Obama have slept through Sandy with no global warming interest or energy policies.

There really is no such appropriate president to vote for, only the lesser of evils.

The morning after is already here.