07/07/2011 10:24 am ET Updated Sep 05, 2011

What the World Needs Now: Obama's Town Hall Twitter?

The President yesterday conducted a town hall meeting by Twitter. For the many people who do not tweet, including me, this "tweet meet" was a curious occasion.

Is Obama an opportunist hoping to distract with his cute abbreviations via this "tweet meet"? Or could it be that he's trying to capture the attention of people who no longer write out full sentences -- or speak them, either?

Whatever the strategy, what an unfortunate turn in the road for American political "discourse" and communication!

The truth is, baby boomers aren't the only ones who have side-stepped the tweet.

For all those who would rather stay on life's natural course of connection rather than conquer another technology, we owe it to ourselves and the country to not just slither down the old drain but to come back in response and counter the tweet with something, right?

This "something" could be strictly up to each individual. Some, for example, may choose the simple "moo" or "mooing," rather than the timid "tweet" of Twittering.

I say that at least a hearty, generic "roar" of response is necessary, both to tweeting and political shenanigans.

While acknowledging that the word "roar" is not easy to pronounce, isn't intelligent "roaring," along with love, exactly what there's too little of these days?