05/03/2014 10:50 am ET Updated Jul 03, 2014

5 Essential Life Lessons


Everyday experiences come with many lessons to be learned. No matter who you are or where you are from, there are things we will all go through. Here are five fundamentals that life teaches all of us.

1. Everything is energy.

Everyone knows the feeling of entering a room where people are at odds with each other. In the same way we instantly pick up on animosity, we can also feel joy, grief and fear. Our bodies are sensors constantly interpreting the world around us and this extends beyond our five senses.

This also explains our interconnectedness. Feeling empathy for a stranger's story is a prime example of the bond of humanity. When this principle is understood, one begins to monitor ones own energy output. This is crucial because the rule that follows this is: Energy usually attracts like energy. What kind of energy are you radiating?

2. Your gifts are not your own.

We're all blessed with abilities. What is difficult for the next person may come ridiculously easy for you. Note: Your gifts go beyond just what you are good at doing. Your gifts are those abilities that you enjoy using and that replenish your energy reserves.

In addition, gifts always enhance the lives of others in some way. When a person is truly gifted in some regard, it fosters a sense of awe and pride in others. Remember, your shine can rub off on the next person. Are you willingly sharing your gifts?

3. There is beauty in impermanence.

Change is something we all have to experience, repeatedly. Often, the resistance to change makes for a more painful experience. Endings are characterized as losses, and sometimes, we fight to retain things that no longer serve us. As we learn to accept transience, we understand that the ending of one thing is only to leave room for a better thing. Learn to embrace the ephemeral nature of life. What do you need to let go?

4. Love is the strongest force.

When we think of people who have significantly impacted the global experience, certain figures come to mind. Most of these figures will have done so through the act of love.

Actions born out of hatred or rooted in a hunger for power may be devastating, but those who refuse to meet that negative energy with more of the same always overcome them. As cheesy as it sounds, the truth remains: Love is the most transformative power of all. We honor this by giving the most reverence to those who have exemplified this principle. Is love your driving force?

5. Self-love colors everything.

How you see yourself influences how you interpret all that you encounter. Self-love sets the tone for all experiences. It decides what you will and will not tolerate. It determines self-worth.

We only allow in our lives what we believe we are worthy of. The irony is that we are all worthy of life's best offerings. Anything less is a story we have persuaded ourselves to believe. How much do you love yourself?

Five basic lessons hold so much of our understanding. What are some of your biggest life lessons that you consider to be universal?