05/18/2015 11:21 am ET Updated May 18, 2016

What to Do With Unsupportive Loved Ones

Most of us don't live in isolation. We are immersed in worlds full of influences that don't necessarily support our path. Numerous distractions avert our focus, pulling us off purpose. How can you remain determined despite the distractions? And even more difficult, what if the distractions are people?

This is most challenging when the person is a loved one. When this is the case, they generally fall into one of three categories:

1) They are unconscious of their effect on you.
2) They are fearful of where you are headed.
3) They simply don't care.

In the first case, sometimes people miss the subtle cues given to them. Perhaps you haven't made your path one of importance. In anticipating their disapproval, you may have silenced yourself. Be explicit about your intentions and see how they respond.

By not expressing the truth of who you are, you may go the way of resentment. You may tell yourself that they should know where you're coming from. That simply isn't fair if you haven't plainly stated your wishes. Give them and yourself the courtesy of transparency. Not always easy, but necessary.

In the second case, if the other party is fearful, all you can do is speak from the heart. Remember that whenever you start to shift in your identity, you shift the nature of relationships. The other party may have to adjust who they are in relation to you. That's an uncomfortable place to be if they dislike change -- especially when it's not self-initiated.

Make sure they understand that you have no intention of affecting them negatively. You are only honoring what you know to be your purpose and hope that they will respect that for what it is. Acknowledge their fears but don't let their apprehension become your restriction.

The third case is the most difficult but is also a test of how committed you are to the expression of your highest self. Understand that someone who doesn't honor your soul's path is not showing you love. What they are interested in is a conditional relationship.

At best, they may love their idea of who you should be, but they are not loving you as you are. As difficult as this may be, you may have to reevaluate who has consistent access to you. This doesn't mean there has to be a heartless dismissal. There are ways to show compassion at a distance if that is what's necessary.

Regardless of the scenario, you must deal with the situation at hand. Part of being committed to your purpose is clearing the space for it to exist.

You have been given a divine gift that seeks room for expansion. It has been entrusted to you for nurturing and expression. To bring it forth is not an act of selfishness, but rather self-love. To know it and block its unfolding is like the flower that refuses to bloom.

In the end, the distractions or diversions you allow are an indication of how much you love yourself.