09/08/2011 08:56 am ET Updated Nov 08, 2011

Day 3: Cut Back on Caffeine

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that can disrupt your sleep, exhausts your adrenal glands and create an acidic state in the body.

But, if the thought of starting your day without coffee seems unthinkable, I have a plan that should help even the most addicted caffeine addicts slowly taper their intake over the next week.

Follow this schedule over the next seven days:

Today: Have your normal amount of coffee. We have already axed soda from your diet because of the sugar. And if you're still thinking that diet soda is okay, it is not -- because of the harmful artificial sweeteners and the caffeine. Quit soda now.

Friday to Sunday: Blend your coffee 50-50 with decaf.

Monday to Tuesday: Blend 25 percent regular coffee with 75 percent decaf.

Wednesday: Start drinking herbal tea. (If necessary, opt for green tea, weak black tea or Yerba Mate. These have some caffeine but are gentler on your system than coffee).

You can continue drinking tea throughout the program.

This plan should reduce your physical cravings and ease your caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Drink plenty of water to help flush your system.

You may have a headache for 2-3 days, but soon you'll be amazed by how good you feel. My patients sleep better and have more energy when they stop drinking coffee.

Dr. Lipman and the Be Well Team
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