08/11/2010 11:34 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Inmates Risk Bad Breath

Lindsay Lohan has spent time on the cover of nearly every publication this past week. The country is obsessed with the actor's 90-day jail sentence. The Hollywood star's fall from grace into a waiting prison cell has captured the attention of a nation that loves a good villain.

However, few have considered the conditions to which she will be exposed while incarcerated. Aside from long days spent confined in a cell and other prisoners who may consider her a target, Lohan will have to deal with food that few on the outside would consider palatable. Some of the food she will be eating is even known to cause bad breath.

For example, a sheriff's deputy recently told London's Daily Mail that that starlet would be dining on spaghetti with meat sauce and broccoli on her first night in lock-up. While the main course may not be bad, broccoli is one of the worst offenders when it comes to foods that cause bad breath.

The vegetable has a strong odor that can linger in the mouth for hours after it has been eaten. Additionally, particles from the small, leafy parts often get caught in people's teeth, causing the bad breath odor to linger for longer.

If prison food isn't enough to give a convict bad breath, the strict rules governing daily hygiene may be. While brushing and flossing are certainly allowed, prisoners only have access to these at certain times. They may not be allowed to bring their toothbrush to the bathroom on those mid-afternoon occasions in which their breath is feeling less than fresh. And the prospects of being allowed specialty mouthwashes are less than promising.

Furthermore, it may be difficult for inmates to take advantage of the opportunities they are given to practice good oral hygiene, as many people find it difficult to change their nightly rituals. Being told when to brush and for how long may make it difficult for some to focus on effectively cleaning their teeth.

Individuals who will soon be released from lock-up may find it necessary to look into specialty breath-freshening products upon their return to society. Whether they were incarcerated for several years or only a few days, chances are they have not been practicing effective oral hygiene.