05/09/2015 01:02 pm ET Updated May 09, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

What is a Mother? A mother has soft hands and smells good; she likes new clothes, music and a clean house and above all loves the hugs and kisses of her children. She does not like to see her children sick, with muddy feet, temper tantrums, loud voices and bad report cards. She can bake good cakes and pies but likes to see her children eat vegetables. She is someone who is underpaid, works long hours and gets very little rest. She worries a lot about her children, no matter how old her children are, she does not seem to mind at all.

A mother is the Guardian Angel of the family, the queen, the untiring supplier of unconditional love; she will always be our best friend forever and the only one who can make our households-our homes!

In big ways and small, mothers always seem to know exactly what to do to help and guide us through our lives. Call it wisdom, call it unconditional love - whatever it is, mothers really do have a special gift. The incredible effort that they make in raising children without complaint is in itself quite unbelievable.

When it comes to my own memories about my mother, I recall her innocence, her loving nature, her childlike curiosity and appreciation of new experiences and sensations.
It was as if the child within her had never been lost! She was just a pure, beautiful and loving soul who was dedicated to making everyone around her feel good.

When I was a child, my mother seemed to have a quick cure for all my ailments, tiny scratches and even big bruises. I missed that, once I had to be away from her to get on with the business of adulthood.

I missed her most when I suffered my first heart attack. Although she would have been beside herself if she had witnessed this event, nonetheless, I wished and thought about no one else except my mother. Modern society deems it unnatural and unmanly to openly express the love for our mothers. I dare to suggest quite to the contrary, it takes a real man to be sincere in his love for that one person who introduced him to the world! Who could be more important?

After returning home after the hospital stay, I wanted to re-evaluate my blessings, and focus on all the positive things in my life. There was a small piece of paper that became a gentle foundation for this goal, a handwritten entry from my late mother's diary. A couple of years after my mother had passed away, my two sisters were looking through her possessions deciding what to give away and what to keep. In the closet, they came across a small diary, through which, out of curiosity, they began to browse, flipping the pages, pausing to read here and there. One page caught their eye--it was an entry about me. She had written about how much happiness I had brought into her life, how I had never talked back or raised my voice to her. Essentially, she was honoring me by reciting the little things that I had done to give her joy. The page ended with prayers and blessings for me now and in the afterlife.

Immediately, my sisters made a photocopy and sent it to me. As I read it, I felt the simplicity and sincerity of her words. The journal entry was not a reaction to having received a nice gift, card, or phone call from me. It was not intended to impress anyone or to ask a favor. It was just a note jotted down during her quiet moments as she mused privately over our relationship as mother and son. It was merely an evanescent acknowledgement passing through her heart, penned onto the pages of her private diary. I folded it carefully and tucked it away in a special spot so that I could retrieve it during difficult and discouraging times in my life when I might need some uplifting. I now cherish this little document as the very best Letter of Recommendation I have ever received among a file folder of accolades from high-level management over the years.

No matter what unwise decisions I had made, my mom had supported me every single time, with no questions asked. She trusted me more than I trusted myself. I believe in unconditional love and living in the moment-this I learned from my Mom. I honor your memories Mom, every day and on this Mother's Day with love in my heart and with never ending gratitude in my soul.