05/14/2013 03:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"Caregiver's Day" in an Orphanage in Ethiopia

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Happy Mother's Day was an all-day greeting last Sunday. "Right back at you," I replied. Not knowing who was a mother was tricky for me because I wouldn't want to make a mistake. I like to say Happy Mother's Day to male friends of mine actually. I wish that there was just "Parent's Day." Sorry....

What about Mother's Day for orphan boys and girls? Is this a bad thing to ask...hurtful and painful?

Most kids in orphanages have no clue about this day, but one of our faithful American volunteers, Sarah Poole and her husband, Adam, did a cultural turn about for this day in Ethiopia.

Sarah named the day "Caregiver's Day" for Des's Village in Addis, the only orphanage Worldwide Orphans supervises and manages (their director died a few years back and we took it over because the kids had urgent medical needs).

On Sunday, May 12, Sarah wrote us this note:

Today, in lieu of Mother's Day, we organized Caregiver's Day at Des's Village. Yesterday, we took a small group of kids shopping and they picked out gifts for all of the staff. Then today, we surprised the staff with a role reversal, having the kids prepare, set up, serve and clean-up lunch. We were so impressed with how the older kids handled themselves, especially the boys! And then after lunch, the kids presented their gifts and cards and we enjoyed a traditional coffee ceremony also prepared by the older kids. It was an amazing day and we feel so blessed to have been a part of it!


There is nothing else to say, except that I am very grateful for Sarah and Adam and the kids at Des's Village.