10/27/2014 06:27 pm ET Updated Dec 27, 2014

Rethinking Halloween


I love Halloween the most. It is my favorite.

On Halloween, we are invited to step ALL. THE. WAY. IN. to parts of ourselves that we work hard to tamp down the rest of the year.

It is a delicious 24-hour romp of aggression and power and fear and greed. These feelings that are otherwise uncomfortable, if not downright terrifying, are turned up to 11.

So, instead of focusing on the costume, get curious about what feeling your child is stepping into by wearing it. Whatever it is, celebrate it, and let it get as big as it can be.

Your Princess? Everyone does what she says but no one thinks she's a b*tch. In fact, they all idolize her. How powerful. How delicious.

Your Power Ranger? That dude is psyched to be able to take down a MegaZord with an easy PowerMorph and still have energy left over for a bit of sparring with the gang. Such freedom from vulnerability. Delicious.

But what about the Darth Vadars or the Freddie Krugers? How is that healthy? So glad you asked! These cruel, heartless, terrifying creatures are the soul of Halloween. For once we are allowed to be raging a$$holes and everyone is thrilled! We can be mean, menacing, and repulsive, but at the end of the night we get to chow down on the Twix and the SweetTarts and delight in our immense booty.

Power. Envy. Fear. Just for Fun?

Now, that's my kinda party.