03/22/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Liberals are Pathetic!

Disclaimer: No offense to those liberals who are not pathetic.

Liberals were loving life during the campaign of then-candidate Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign. Finally, the end to the Bush regime and conservative tyranny. At last, the possibility of a new era of liberal power and progressive change. The base, as they say, was energized and mobilized, and it swept Barack Obama into the presidency (the economic crisis didn't hurt his chances either).

But, lately, much of what I've been hearing from the left is a lot of bellyaching, BOO HOO, the stimulus package wasn't big enough, and whining, WAH WAH, the public option didn't make it into the current health-care legislation. The liberals have got their knickers in an uproar at President Obama for not forcing through their dream agenda.

But are the conservatives scared? Hardly, and this is what makes liberals so pathetic. When the right doesn't get what it wants, it bares its teeth and claws and fights like a rabid dog. They call the President mean names, such socialist, Nazi, and hater of white people. They yell, "You lie!" They call for protests ("Tea Baggers Unite!") and people show up with colorful (if misspelled) signs. And the donations pour in. The right will do whatever it takes to wrest control from the Democrats. It will do whatever is necessary to get America to forget about the damage caused by the last decade of Republican rule and turn our country against the left's attempt to fix the mess.

How do the liberals react? Instead of "Bring it on!," they tuck their tails between their legs and go hide in a corner feeling all sorry for themselves. They de-energize and demobilize. Liberals didn't turn out to vote in the 2009 gubernatorial races in solidly Democratic New Jersey and trending-Democratic Virginia and Republicans won both. It happened again yesterday in Massachusetts where the Republican candidate for the late Ted Kennedy's Senatorial seat beat the Democrat despite Democrats outnumbering Republicans three to one in the state. And in about nine months liberal apathy can ensure a Republican congressional rout. A commenter on one of my previous posts said that he wasn't going to donate any more money to the Democrats and wasn't going to vote in the next election. Now that will teach those lily-livered Dems in Washington a lesson!

When you don't donate or vote, you're shooting yourself in the foot (even if you are for gun control). In punishing those weak-kneed Democrats in the White House and Congress, what you're really doing is staunching the bleeding of a Republican party that is committing seppuku before your eyes. You're going to shove all those independents, who are on the fence about the direction they want our country to go (what are they thinking?), right back into the very small tent of the Republican party.

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

The Republicans could regain control of part or all of Congress?, you ask. Yes, they could. Isn't that a bad thing? Yes, Dems, it is a very bad thing, in fact, it's far worse than the most faint-hearted Democratic Congress. My gosh, liberals, you've had control of American politics for only a year now, the conservatives are in the middle of civil war with no leadership (unless you count Rush, Glenn, and Sarah) and nothing new to offer America, and you're already acting like you're down by 20 instead of leading by several touchdowns (for all of you coastal elites, that's a real-American football reference).

How about waking up and smelling your half-caff lattes. The reason Obama won the presidency and the Dems regained control of both houses of Congress was because they opened their doors to a lot of politicians who, by a lot of measures, should be Republicans -- remember the Big Tent theory. That meant that Obama wasn't going to get a rubber stamp for a truly progressive agenda. It meant that Reid and Pelosi had to put up with the likes of Sen. Joe Leiberman (I-Conn.) to get the votes they needed to move their agenda forward at all. It meant that the Dems had to compromise, which is what enabled them to retake the presidency and Congress, and which is something that the GOP seems constitutionally incapable of doing.

Come on, liberals, cut the Dem pols some slack. You remember that new era of bipartisanship, civility, and cooperation that President Obama aspired to during the campaign (seems so naive and quaint now)? Not gonna happen! That would take two to tango and the Right ain't never gonna dance with the Left.

It's easy to be armchair politicians. It's a whole lot harder being in trenches trying to get things done. You don't have 65 liberal Senators. There is a thing called the filibuster. The GOP is the party of "NO!" It's only been a year, for gosh sake, and the Dems inherited a train wreck. You want immediate gratification? Go buy a flat-panel TV on credit.

Stop being so spineless, enough of the woe-is-me act, no more "I've been betrayed" drivel. It's undignified, it's weak, and it guarantees failure. You want to teach those Democrats in Washington a lesson? Make some noise and drown out the right-wing cacophony. Start snarling and snapping back at those conservative attack dogs and, if necessary, take the fight to them. Donate MORE money, give MORE of your time, organize a protest (with correctly spelled signs, of course). Don't wait for someone else to inspire you the way Obama did during the Presidential campaign, get off of your Pottery Barn sofas and energize and mobilize yourself.

The far right is perfectly willing to bring out the heavy artillery to crush this liberal insurgency (although all they really need against most liberals are pea shooters). If you want to stay in power, you have to fight for it. So get your sorry asses out of Mopesville and get behind President Obama and Congress because, now more than ever, they need your support big time.