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Living Transformation: The Future of Awareness

This is a continuation of our series on Living Transformation, in which we are examining a series of principles essential for creating a new future for humanity. Previous posts in this series can be found here, here, and here.

We don't have to look too far afield to know that we are witnessing the unraveling of the old order. Its systems are crumbling, even as its so-called "leaders" desperately attempt to keep it going. It's like the proverbial "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic." No matter how the chairs are arranged, the Titanic is sinking.

Humanity is already moving into a new paradigm, even as we are standing in the rubble of the old one's demise. In this moment of time, when the chaos and disarray are still mounting and we cannot yet see the formation of what will follow, we can wring our hands and fall into fear, which is how the old domination model has maintained control throughout human history.

Or, we can turn our eyes toward building a future that embodies the principles of "we're all in this together, how can we best serve humanity and the planet?" instead of "how can I profit and benefit at all costs?"

Creating a future that works for everyone and not just the privileged few will require a major shift in consciousness on the part of those who stand to benefit the most by maintaining the old order. It will require a shift in how we view the world and our place in it, how we view our relationship with the earth itself and whether or not we have a responsibility to serve the earth vs. pillaging its resources, including ourselves, into oblivion.

Do we really want to perpetuate the old paradigm espoused by some of today's politicians who preach that we are not here to serve the earth, the earth is here to serve us? This is the epitome of the old paradigm, crafted in a time when the human population could be measured in thousands instead of billions. That kind of thinking long ago outlived its relevance and clearly will not serve humanity going forward.

In our awakening to the work that lies ahead for all of humanity, it is imperative that we get what is being required of us now. We can no longer "live by the sword" as of old. Our "sword," in all of its iterations, from bombs to pepper spray, is being blunted and replaced with awareness.

Take note of what happened at the UC Davis campus in the wake of the pepper spray incidents there a few weeks ago. After brutal pepper spraying at the hands of campus police, students lined up in silent protest as the university's Chancellor, Ms. Katehi, walked past them from her press conference, held to explain and defend her actions. She was forced to hear, in the silence, the true voice of the people. In meeting their eyes, she was forced to see that they were present and wide awake.

The sleeping giant is awakening.

Take note of what happened on the steps of the state capitol in Virginia this week, when thousands, mostly women, came in "silent" protest at the new legislation mandating sonograms and vaginal probes for women seeking abortions. They too stood in silence as their state legislators filed past them on their way to take up discussion on HR-1, the bill in question. As a result of this demonstration by the people, state legislators chose to postpone their discussion. They may ultimately pass this legislation against the will of the people, but they cannot pretend they don't know that the sleeping giant ultimately has a vote.

David and Goliath

These new "weapons" are being used in the confrontation between David and Goliath wherein David, aka the people, is putting Goliath on notice that we are awake, we are watching and we are listening. And we are aware. It is the very thing Goliath fears the most. For in our awakening, we can no longer be manipulated into fear and instead are claiming our voice and our responsibility to use it wisely for the benefit of all.

The sleeping giant, aka humanity, is coming out of its collective slumber and beginning the journey through its own birth canal. We are in the labor pains of delivering ourselves to an entirely new way of relating to ourselves, each other and the planet. In the process, each of us is being called to awaken our own sleeping giant within.

Having just crossed a major threshold in my own life, turning 70 last week, I am aware as never before of the unlived life still awaiting my discovery. I know that I am here to be part of this grand unfolding wherein together, we human beings step up and into a higher expression of consciousness. In this new paradigm, the awakened giant becomes Cupid, using love as the only weapon necessary for the healing of humanity and a return to wholeness.

I welcome this transformative process along with its birth pains. It is our collective labor of love and we are all here to be midwives in the process. It's time to scrub up and begin delivery. Our future is about to arrive.

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