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And Now, For a Dose of Positive News (VIDEO)

Mark your calendars for Nov. 11, 2011 -- 11.11.11. Something amazing is going to happen on that day, and you can be a part of it.

Imagine you could get a glimpse of humanity, everywhere on the planet, all at the same time. Imagine you could look across the landscape of the globe and see a little chunk of life going on in every country, all on a single day. Imagine that you could know the story of the world, as it is, right now.

That's what a group of creative filmmakers, students and inspired citizens set out to do last October. Their vision was to document the human story, with all of its diversity and drama, on a single day. They chose Oct. 10, 2010 (10/10/10). The group, One Day On Earth, has created a DVD from that initial project, now available online.

What's Coming Next

You can become part of their next One Day On Earth production, to be filmed this year on 11/11/11. On the site and you'll find an archive of footage from the various countries participating and a map of the globe showing who's represented.

Here's a brief but compelling trailer of last year's production. Check this out and catch a glimpse of this amazing world we share with almost 7 billion other human beings:

One Day on Earth - Motion Picture Trailer from One Day On Earth on Vimeo.

There is so much more going on here on planet Earth in the way of good news, but we never hear about it. It's easy to lose sight of the magnitude of goodness in this journey we share when the media focus is almost exclusively on bad news.

It's easy to lose faith in ourselves and in mankind as a whole, when most of what we hear about is war, death, destruction and loss. And heaven knows there's plenty of bad news to go around. We're marinated in it on a daily basis. And to make matters worse, the news we mostly hear is not only not good, it doesn't sound like it's about to get better any time soon.

I'm curious as anyone about what's going on in the world. But despite what the folks over at Fox News claim, media coverage is anything but "fair and balanced." The mainstream media's bias toward covering stories of conflict, or focusing on the ideological struggle within a larger story, makes it difficult to find news that uplifts and inspires. "Good news is boring and doesn't photograph well", says Andrew R. Cline, Ph.D., fassociate professor of journalism at Missouri State University.

Yes, we are awash in bad news. And because of this it's challenging to keep a positive perspective. Don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting we bury our heads in the sand and pretend the world's injustices aren't happening.

But the reality is, bad news is not all there is. There is more going on right in front of us than meets the eye, and because good news isn't considered sexy or newsworthy, it doesn't get much coverage and therefore flies under the radar, and we never hear about most of it.

We need to become adept in sleuthing out the good that is happening amidst all the bad. It's there, but we need to have the eyes and the ears for it. Having one's antennae tuned to the "Good News Channel" helps one become aware of projects like One Day on Earth. Just viewing the movie trailer is enough to restore one's faith in the goodness of mankind.

Your Own One Day on Earth Project

Put yourself in the shoes of a participant in this project. You really could be, you know. Imagine that you were filming a segment of your life, your world, unfolding on a single day: 11/11/11. If you could show the world who you are and how your life occurs on any given day, what would we see?

Would we see someone slogging through their day, counting the hours until it's over? Would we see someone who's bored, resigned, cynical or angry? Would we see a human being who wakes up and who's first conscious thought is gratitude?

How you show up every day is entirely within your control. No matter what's going on "out there," each of us has the power to shape our own reality through the choices we make every day, the thoughts we think and the stories we tell ourselves about what's going on.

What would the world be like if each person absolutely knew they were an essential part of this team called "human being," and that their participation was instrumental to the outcome of the game called life? What if everyone saw clearly how the way they show up has an impact on everyone and everything around them? What if we knew without question that everything depends on everything else? Wouldn't that be good news?

Everything Depends Upon Everything

One day I was driving across the Bay Bridge on my way into San Francisco, a trip I make at least once or twice a week. On this particular day, while traveling across the mid-section of the bridge containing a huge "S"-shaped curve, I became aware of the "dance" of traffic and how it was all perfectly choreographed to ensure everyone slowed down in unison and made it safely around the curve and across the bridge.

I became aware of the driver in each car, even though I couldn't see them all, as a member of this little "team" of driver and cars, collaborating creatively on this stretch of road. And then I imagined each driver moving on to his/her destination, still being cognizant of the "dance," still interacting collaboratively with everyone they met.

What would be possible if humanity behaved as if its very existence depended upon collaboration? I believe that it does. Even though we don't appear to have gotten this message, and even though we appear to be much more about competition, winning and losing, there is another way for us to go. This is good news!

We are never going to solve the problems mankind faces unless we get that we're all in this together. If the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink becomes unfit for human consumption, everyone loses. It won't matter how much money one has if the planet can no longer sustain human life. There won't be any winners.

Try Adding More Good News to Your Daily Diet

Endeavors like the One Day On Earth project are so important because they demonstrate what's possible. And if you're interested in learning about more good news, I recommend the site DailyGood. There, you'll find a multitude of stories to uplift, inspire and restore your faith in mankind. This is my "go to" source for good news on a regular basis. And right now, who couldn't use a daily dose of goodness?

What does it do for you to know there are people all over the planet preparing for this One Day On Earth -- 11/11/11, a day of "creative collaboration"? Are you inspired? I am! It doesn't get any better for me than knowing that on this day, there will be a collective intention to collaborate toward the consciousness of unity. That's the whole ballgame as far as I'm concerned. And this is very good news!

What could be possible if we started putting together a few of these days back to back? A day where the whole world is peaceful. A week of kindness. A month of compassion. A year of joy. Can you imagine? That's what John Lennon invited us to do more than 30 years ago. That dream lives on.

Where will you be on 11/11/11? Even though, at the time of this writing, this event takes place moe than a month from now, plan now to be part of this collective collaboration. Don't be surprised if you see some people with video cameras filming life as it occurs and if that footage includes you. Or, why not be the one holding the camera? Everyone's contribution counts, including yours. And that is very, very, very good news!

Got any good news to share? Pile it on! What's going on in your world, the sharing of which can uplift and inspire others? Come on. Dig a little deeper. It's all there. We're listening.

You can become part of their next One Day On Earth production, to be filmed this year on 11/11/11, either by making a donation to help cover production costs and/or volunteer to contribute footage of your own videos taken on 11/11/11.

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