02/02/2015 03:32 pm ET Updated Apr 04, 2015

Stop Overwhelm With This Question

How you deal with your thoughts and actions can go a long way in bringing happiness. How you think and where you put your focus in any given moment can make or break you. Getting lost in negative thoughts or letting your thoughts take you on a ride will have you feeling out of control quickly. The only way to feel relief is to grab the reigns and bring your mind back into what's happening in front of you in every single moment.

Often excited about many projects, hobbies and ventures myself, I sometimes don't know what to do first. Then life shows up with the flu or computer malfunction and it feels like there has been a setback in the 'plan' and overwhelm can set in. There are so many pieces to the project to do, so much left undone and now on top of it the flu! What now?

The key to stopping the overwhelm and actually creating more ease in life in every situation is to ask yourself constantly,"What can I do right now?"

If you are sick with the cold, the right thing to do in the moment could be to stop everything, watch a movie and drink soup. Or, if you are working on multiple projects you can ask, "What is the one action I can take right now?" See the secret is that if you keep focused, and keep just doing the action you need to do in the moment, life automatically opens up to show you the next action or step to take. It's when we get scrambled in our heads wanting 'all' the details at once that we get stressed out.

Remember this simple, but life-changing tip constantly. Remember it especially if you find yourself getting overwhelmed or unhappy with what's happening in your life,"What can I do right now?" What action can you take in every moment? Inevitably, and almost like magic, the bigger picture opens to you and the next steps show up on their own accord.