06/27/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Throw The Bums Out: Day 6

California needs our help and I need yours. As you know, we at "Throw the Bums Out" have been working very hard to make sure that your voices are heard regarding increases in health insurance premiums from Anthem Blue Cross. Isn't it interesting that increases have been spread around across the board. Not only did we receive rate increases in our premiums, the CEO of Wellpoint, Angela Braly received a 50% increase in her compensation. Their CFO was given a 75% increase in his compensation. I can only assume that everyone down the line received increased pay except for the patients who are in need of appropriate and increasing care. On top of this revelation, it should be pointed out that most CEO's of major companies received reduced compensation. HOW DARE ANTHEM BLUE CROSS AND ITS PARENT COMPANY INCREASE THEIR COMPENSATION ON THE BACKS OF PEOPLE WHO WILL SOON BE UNABLE TO AFFORD HEALTH INSURANCE!

I believe that it's time, here in California, to test the waters of insurance reform. I'm not talking about health care reform, I'm talking about the amount of money that insurance companies are keeping in their collective pockets. I am talking about oversight regarding increased premiums and a modification of the 30% they are guaranteed by the State of California. Do you realize that, due to the reversal of the premium increase by Anthem Blue Cross for the 800,000 individual policies we saved conservatively $320,000,000. If we carry this out to its end point, Anthem Blue Cross didn't get $96,000,000 in profits for those 2 months and a total of almost $600,000,000 additional profits for the full year. Also, remember that in the new policies there was a sentence that said "Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company will usually adjust rates every 12 months; however, we may adjust more frequently in accordance with the terms of your health benefit plan." I would assume that they can and will increase our premiums at will.

The time has come in this country to talk about TRIPLE UP ECONOMICS. It's the time for everyone to start realizing that we all have the opportunity to make a difference. Whether you're a Democrat of a Republican, a Tea Party follower, it doesn't make a difference. What makes a difference is the fact that there will be an enormous amount of money being put into our economy because the health care bill passed. Everyone, from the smallest cities to the largest in the country should benefit. There will immediately be more people needing more doctors and support staff. The doctors and support staff will shop in markets and buy new cars. Due to the increasing purchasing power of everyone in this country, more taxes will be paid and the actual cost of the new health plan will begin to diminish. We're putting our money back into the economy. This is what I call TRIPLE UP ECONOMICS. What a novel idea.

I believe that we must do the following:
1. Put forth an emergency bill to the state legislature to disallow insurance health insurance companies from increasing premiums for 1 year.
2. Introduce to the legislature a modification of the obnoxious percentage of profits that are being allowed in California.
3. Financially support and work very closely with appropriate representatives that are presenting bills that would provide legislative oversight of health insurance premiums, just like auto and home insurance.

I know that this is tough stuff to present to these companies that are making a fortune. But, I believe that making unconscionable profits off of the backs of people's health just doesn't fit in our lives. I continue to believe that we must provide the best and most affordable insurance available to all because health care is a right not a privilege.

Finally, in California 1 in 4 under 65 are without health care. If we took just the profits that Anthem Blue Cross would have made on the increased premiums, they could have provided basic coverage for thousands of uninsured. We really do need to THROW THE BUMS OUT OF CALIFORNIA and do it as soon as possible.