12/19/2010 05:07 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

GLOBAL ACTION ALERT: Call for Wiki-Justice System

GLOBAL ACTION ALERT: Call for Wiki-Justice System for Inclusive, Divere Participation in "American Idea" and "Global Idea" Competitions Which are Planned to be Launched on 1 January 2011: Today is 30 Days Until Global Marches for Justice on 17 January 2011

Daily Blog on the Birth of the Justice Movement by Dr. Paul S. Zeitz
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by Dr. Paul S. Zeitz
Sunday, 19 December 2010
Potomac, Maryland-outside of Washington, D.C.
30 Days Until the "Global Marches for Justice" in Washington, D.C., around the USA and the World on 17January 2011


Dear Unreasonable People Waging Justice NOW!:

Good morning everyone. I had a great night of 7.5 hours of sleep. It is still pre-dawn here in Potomac, MD, as I'm traveling this morning and I wanted to get today's zeitzblog out before I fly. The morning air today is sweet-cool-crispy covered by a light winter hazed sky, that the stars are twinkling through. My weight this morning is 214.1, up slightly from yesterday, probably because I started drinking water and taking vitamins (fish oil. salt, potassium, amino acids, multivitamins, etc.)

My personal "fast for global peace and justice" saved me gaining several pounds yesterday, as my wife had a holiday party with 40 people and food for 80 people. I've always had a big challenge with buffets, because I want to try everything and because I never like to see food wasted. My exploration of this mindset was based on the fact that I had been "upset" about the fact that 40 percent of Americans are obese (including me) and 60 percent of African children are malnourished. My solution has been to do advocacy on global health and development issues through the Global AIDS Alliance ( and serve as human garbage disposal, making sure no food was wasted at home or on a holiday buffet.

I made a choice in 2008 to stop being a human garbage disposal at buffets and with my family, as I am not personally responsible for making sure food isn't wasted. When I made this choice, I dropped my weight from 260-270 lbs to the current range of 215-222.2. I don't know what my idea weight range will be, but I'm intending to find a weight where I'm feeling great, energized, and optimally waging justice.....I imagine that it is definately under 200 may be closer towards my ideal weight of 175-180 lbs. Whatever weight I am on any particular day, is always the PERFECT weight for me in that day. I'm having tons of fun experimenting with improving my health, while at the same time standing true to my personal committed action to fast for global peace and justice. I'm prepared to add vegetable broth and protein shakes if I choose.

GLOBAL ACTION ALERT: Ideas for Implementing the America Idea & Global Idea Competitions (and possibly other countries?) proposed to be launched on 1 January 2011

To implement the "Idea" competitions in the short timeframe from January 1-January 21, I am calling on Wikipedia to create a "Wiki-Justice" web-application as soon as possible, so that people around the World can co-create the best ideas for considering. The proposed "Wiki-Justice" system would a possible way for ensuring that the "Idea" competitions stand for diverse, inclusive representation. This is critical, because the way the World had been running until now, it was OK for a few people to decide what was right for the majority of other people, as that's not workable any longer in a Era of Justice where we together are rapidly realizing human rights for all as a way of life!

Additionally, I am proposing that all media and social media organizations support the American Idea and Global Idea competitions, so that we can all witness justice unfolding. My proposal is that someone create a JUSTICE NOW NETWORK (JNN), so show the work of the Justice Movement in real time!

The "Ideas" proposed to be generated by the "Idea" competitions are central to realizing the possibilties of the proposed Justice Movement Action Plan, from July 2011-December 2010, detailed here:

I will discuss ideas for consideration on the proposed criteria for the competitions by which "Ideas" will be assessed are:

a. BOLD & TRANSFORMATIVE: Think big about how to transform your country, region, and the World; What I mean by this is that there is no rules, boundaries, or limitations. All possible, possibilities are on the table. Here are some of the ideas that have floating through my mind to give you an example of which ideas could be developed if people choose to be UNREASONABLE in WAGING JUSTICE NOW:

Possible "American Idea" Compeition Ideas based on discussions I have had with people as part of creating the Justice Movement:

1. Amend U.S. Constitution with a "By the People; For the People" Constitutional Amendment by July 4, 2011.

This proposed idea is discussed in detail in this recent zeitzblog:

2. Transform entire U.S. Constitution for the 21st Century by July 4, 2011:

This possibility emerged when we realizing that the the U.S. Constitution became a model for democratic transformation around the World, which has been an extraordinary achievement. In fact, some newer constiutions are move advanced in ensuring life, libery, and the pursuit of happiness than the document our forbearers created in late 1700s. This makes sense to me, because our forbearers could not have imagined the transformative impact of the democratic experiment that they launched, i.e. the advent of the information, telecommunications, and transportations systems that connects all of us as one global community. The recently promulgated South Africa constitution is deemed by experts to be the most advanced:

3. Restructuring of the Federal Bureacracy to Achieve Breakthrough Performance by January 31, 2012

4. Transforming the America into a Green Economy by December 31, 2015

5. Eliminate Obesity in America by December 31, 2015

6. Transform America's Information, Communication, and Transportation Systems by December 31, 2015

7. Eliminate Health, Education, & Social Protection Disparities in America by December 31, 2015

Possible "Global Idea" Compeition Ideas based on discussions I have had with people as part of creating the Justice Movement:

1, proposed "Global Peace Organization (GPO)" Strategic Framework, 2012-2015 Action Plan, including structure and governance by December 31, 2011 for Launch on 1 January 2011

2. People's of the Eastern Mediterranean Peace & Justice Action Plan 2012-2015 adopted by December 31, 2011

3. People's of Africa Peace & Justice Action Plan, 2012-2015 adopted by December 31, 2011

4. People's of Asia Peace & Justice Action Plan, 2012-2015 adopted by 31 December 2011

5. People's of the Americas Peace & Justice Action Plan, 2012-2015 adopted by 31 December 2011

6. People's of Europe Peace & Justice Action Plan, 2012-2015 adopted by 31 December 2011

7. People's of World Charter to End Human Eliminationism adopted by 31 December 2011

8. Gender Equality Action Network (GEAN) launched by 1 February 2011

b. DIVERSITY: Mobilize as many people as possible, as the quantity and diversity of support matters; Here are some possible targets for diversity:

• geographic area
• gender
• sexual preference
• party affiliation
• race
• age
• religion
• economic level
• urban, peri-urban, rural
• civilian, military
• region/country of immigration
• other?

c. BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE & RESULTS: Demonstrate breakthrough performance and measurable results are achievable by when. See zeitzblog from yesterday:

As you can see, I can go on and on unreasonably waging peace and justice for all, but I have to stop now and go finish packing for my flight.

Peace and blessings to everyone for a safe, healthy, inspiring, and transformative holiday season and ushering in of 2011, which may possibly become know as the launch of the "Era of Justice."

In peace and solidarity for bold action now,

Paul S. Zeitz