09/30/2013 08:06 pm ET Updated Nov 30, 2013

Ivy League College Chooses Nudity

Brown University announced that it would hold a new event on campus starting Monday. This six-day event is called Nudity In the Upspace. At Brown University, they decided it would be appropriate to hold events such as nude open microphone nights, nude yoga classes, nude body painting, a nude cabaret, and other nude student performances and events.

So what's the purpose? The leaders at Brown say this about the event: "It's mostly the idea of talking about and addressing things that people don't normally address and that can be stigmatized." Apparently at Brown University you can't have a discussion about these ideas with your clothes on.

It is reported that the annual cost of attendance at Brown is $45,612 for tuition and $11,620 for room and board. Total annual cost: $57,232. For your hard-earned tuition dollars you get intellectually challenging events like Nudity In the Upspace.

For my tuition dollars I would rather see events that teach students how to get a job, how to manage their finances, how to negotiate, how to become an effective communicator, or how to develop emotional intelligence... the list is endless. Instead, Brown wastes the time and money of students and parents with Nudity In the Upspace.

Parents and students, we need to wise up. Every college and university is not created equal. Don't waste your tuition dollars on mindless activities packaged as educational events. Find a college that is serious about developing students intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Spend your money on something with educational value. Otherwise, parents, you might find yourselves with a son or daughter who knows nothing about the basic fundamentals of how to live in this world after graduation. Additionally, you spend $228,928 over four years so your son or daughter can get a degree from Brown University and list "nude cabaret" on their resume.