08/08/2012 04:16 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2012

All the News That's Fit to Print, But What Happened To The Ads?

I want to make it clear that I love my iPad. It was a Mother's Day gift from my husband and an attempt to make life just a bit easier for this wife, mother, daughter (think sandwich generation), doctor, organizer, social secretary, soccer Mom, chauffer, cook, volunteer, book club member... well, you get the drift.

Being a woman of a certain age, with certain responsibilities (i.e. worries), I awaken at odd hours of the morning. How wonderful to just reach over and turn on my iPad. No lamps to turn on, no power cord to plug in, no heavy computer to lug into the bed, no boot-up noises to contend with, no chance of waking the husband or dog.

Of the 100757 periodicals that one can read on an iPad (oops, I think that's my birthday, let's just say there are a lot), my greatest joy is the Sunday New York Times (that is after the Huff Post!). I can enjoy the Sunday NYT on my iPad at 12 midnight, 2 am, 9 am or any time in-between. When I touch the NYT's app, each section of the newspaper magically appears, News, Opinions and Features, nicely backlit, of a sufficient font that it can be read by "mature" eyes and in color. Best of all, is what lies ahead, a good 1 to 2 hours of reading (my motto is, read some, skim some, skip some). I can even enjoy reruns, yes, reruns of articles that I missed (or ignored) during the week. They are now presented in a separate section called, most E-Mailed. Think, only the cream of the crop, the very, very best of reruns.

But here is the problem, and I never thought that I would admit it. Come on, come on, I know there is a recession but where are the ads? Where are those pesky advertisements that we pretend to overlook (but actually relish)? Whether it is a single dip, double dip, or triple dip recession, we still need ads!

Really, what good is the iPad version of page 2 of the Sunday New York Times without being able to peruse the latest, greatest watch, dress, scarf, suit, shoes, or purse from CHANEL? Want to know what's NEAU from TOURNEAU? I do. Want to know what to put in your online CART from CARTIER? You betcha.

Without the ads from page 3, I might never know what my husband could have placed in that powder blue box from TIFFANY & COMPANY. What bling... I mean ring or thing, could be had from HARRY WINSTON?

To put it another way... lions, tigers and bears, oh, my... Leviev, Tiffanys and Brioni, oh my.

Each week, without printed pages, 2, 3 or 4, I miss the ads from American Girl (something for all ages), Andrew & Peter Fabrikant, Brioni, Calvin Klein, Clifford Michael, Erwin Pearl (finally something affordable), Leviev, Lord and Taylor, or Saks Fifth Avenue.

To put is yet another way... Where are my ads, my Fashion and Jewelry Cliff Notes? My "Fashion and Jewelry for Dummies"? Why aren't those ads on my iPad?

Steve did you know about this?

Oh, how do I miss them, but on the optimistic side, at least these ads are small. OK, how do I deal with the full-blown withdrawal of missing the one pagers. Those huge 22 by 12 inch print pages devoted to fashions by Tommy Hillfinger, Louis Vuitton, makeup from Saks, MAYBE Clothes or Jewels from MACY'S. Not to mention the occasional movie ad, bank ad, iPHONE or iPAD ad. Heck, I could even miss the NYT ad that keeps me reading the NYT.

So, what to do? Right now, at some point on Sunday, after I have gotten up, I pick up the print version of the New York Times. What do I do? Naturally, I open it to page 2 and devour the ads, onto pages 3 and then page 4.

But I'm really hoping that pretty soon there will be a Sunday New York Times App just for the Advertisement or at the very least, a NYT's section under Features devoted to Advertisements.