07/06/2012 05:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

1-Minute Mini-Escape: Today I Let My Light Shine!

If you slow down for a moment and open your eyes, it's amazing what you can see. I shot this video while I was on business in beautiful Hollywood, Fla. Instead of rushing out in the morning, I paused to take in the sunrise and then wrote the affirmation. Join me for this one-minute Power Living Mini-Escape. To capture its power, say it out loud.

Watch It Now:

This is the affirmation:

Today I let my light shine.
As the sun rises, I soak in the new day.
I open my eyes to the abundance of the universe.
As I inhale, I feel the power of life flow through me.
As I exhale, I let go of fear and limitations.
I have all I need to succeed.
Today I let my light shine.

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