06/03/2014 01:31 pm ET Updated Aug 03, 2014

Excellence in Executing: Business Owners' Code of Conduct

As a business coach, I regularly see that my clients have the drive and ambition to run a company. However, they sometimes forget there are unwritten rules of conduct they should be following as they grow their business. Here is an Excellence in Executing Business contract that I have developed for my clients:

As a business owner, I vow to manage and run my company with integrity and professionalism in order to see that goals for growth and success are obtained. I commit to doing the following acts and activities daily to ensure that my partner, employees and associates see my commitment and work ethic and are proud to be affiliated with this company.

1. I will daily display a positive attitude in the office and leave my personal affairs at the door so I can concentrate on making a significant contribution to the team.

2. I will demonstrate the highest work ethic because my partner, employees and affiliates expect the best from me.

3. I will communicate at the highest levels of professionalism. I will refrain from cursing at, belittling or engaging in conversations that will cause my partner or employees to be disenfranchised by my words.

4. I will communicate my schedule to everyone so no one is guessing as to my whereabouts and are abreast of my activities.

5. I will engage my employees with strategies that will motivate them including verbal praise, kind words, bonuses, raises and rewards or time off work.

6. I will not ask my partner, employees or associates to engage in behavior that is deemed illegal, immoral, unethical or fraudulent.

7. I will not engage in any aggressive or passive aggressive acts towards others so no one will have reason to question my integrity or character.

8. I will always represent our company or brand in any written, verbal or face-to-face correspondence with the utmost professionalism as first impressions are lasting and important.

9. I will respond promptly to phone calls, emails and requests from customers. I will address their needs with the utmost respect and always let them know I appreciate their business.

10. I will engage in high payoff tasks upon arriving to work as those are most related to the growth of our business and leave low payoff tasks for down moments at work or home.

11. I will actively listen to constructive criticism from my trusted partners (i.e., attorney, accountant, business coach and advisers).

12. I will not communicate my grievances to someone in front of others. Rather, I will have a private conversation that is not within earshot of others.

13. I will not involve outside people or try to persuade employees or associates to take my side if and when a dispute arises with my partner.

14. I will respect boundaries and will not let work matters bleed into outside relationships.

15. I will continuously seek after professional development opportunities (i.e., taking industry related or business courses) so I can have a pulse on the industry.

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I firmly believe that if these general rules are applied on a daily basis, growth and success are inevitable for your company as well.

This blogger graduated from Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Small Businesses program. Goldman Sachs is a partner of the What Is Working: Small Businesses section.