11/09/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Who Says Pregnancy Can't Be Sexy?

"The womb is a holy place. Pregnancy is no time for sexuality!" This was the reaction I got to a friend's step-mother when she learned about the "Your Orgasmic Pregnancy" teleseminar I'm hosting next month (Oct. 14th).

These old-fashioned reactions to sex during pregnancy always amuse me. First, it highlights how people seem to conveniently forget that it took some degree of carnal coupling to conceive. Second, it highlights just how much we need to unlearn when it comes to valuing our sexuality and sensuality during pregnancy.

After all, research consistently shows that nothing but good comes out of maintaining sexual intimacy throughout all three trimesters. This goes for both partners, helping them to become more easily connected, sexually speaking, post-pregnancy.

One has to then wonder how much of the urban legend that "preggie isn't sexy" is mere myth perpetrated by some ill-willed rumor from long ago. How much of the waning libido issues reported by some women and their partners have been solely due to social conditioning pitting us staunchly against the notion of pregnant women as sex symbols?

Issues like these are what motivated my co-author, Danielle Cavallucci, and I to write the book Your Orgasmic Pregnancy: Little Sex Secrets Every Hot Mama Should Know, plus co-present a follow up teleseminar on the topic.

Our efforts strive to help women to effectively sift through the seemingly endless slew of options, philosophies, traditions, contradictions, and advice out there in finding what works for your baby on board sex life. Making sense of it all can be utterly intimidating and downright frustrating at times, but, with a little bit of guidance, expectant mamas -- and papas -- can sort through everything, from the misleading hogwash to ill-founded, nayer sayer information to medical expertise. Doing so enables you to figure out what's best for you, your lover, your baby, and your relationship.

This is especially important since many preggies over the years have assumed that it's natural to stop being sexually active. That's what they've often been told this is "normal" by their doctors, mothers, partners... After all, we don't hear a lot about ones with child needing or wanting sex, in spite of their raging hormones.

But great sex and orgasms are not only possible during pregnancy, it is a practical must for every woman with a healthy, normal pregnancy. So it's high time for preggies to jump on that bandwagon and hone in on your heat factor, taking advantage of hormones as you've never known! For more information on the "Your Orgasmic Pregnancy" teleseminar, visit