12/17/2012 07:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Do We Really Need Mobile Security?

Our phones are more than just communication devices -- they're photo albums, address books, alarm clocks, wallets and more. They are, in a way, a reflection of our personal identity, housing personal details ranging from the company we keep, to the place where we bank. It's no wonder we keep these devices so closely guarded in our pants pockets and purses.

So, why wouldn't we put the same effort into protecting the information on our devices?

Mobile security has been a hot topic as the number of connected devices has proliferated.

This year, leading networking company Cisco projected that the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the world's population in 2012.

Sure, the number of mobile devices is growing faster than Lindsay Lohan's rap sheet, but are mobile security products really necessary? Isn't a password enough? Ask yourself, "In the past XX years, I've had XX mobile phones and have lost my phone XX times." According to Symantec's 2012 Cybercrime Report found that more than one in three mobile users worldwide have had their device lost or stolen, putting their sensitive information at risk.

I just lost my phone last week.

The reality is that cyber criminals are always looking for the next opportunity and are increasingly targeting mobile devices. And it's no doubt that security vendors see mobile security as the next hot spot for cybercrime. So what do you really need?

With more consumers owning both tablets and smartphones, it's helpful to select a mobile security option that provides multi-device, multi-platform support like Norton Mobile Security.

Dave Kim, senior product manager for Norton, said, "With one subscription you can get protection for all your mobile devices on either Android or iOS platforms."

Take a Picture of the Thief Who Steals Your Phone?

Another benefit to having a product like Norton's Mobile Security is the additional features and protections in case your phone is lost or stolen, such as backing up and restoring contacts, managing updates and changes from the Web, and locating the lost or stolen device remotely. Norton's product even takes a picture of the person who has your phone with the front-facing camera and sends it to you, so you know who has your phone!

Here's a Norton video on Mobile Security that showcases those features:

This holiday season, mobile phones and tablets will be one of the top gifts on Christmas lists (hint, hint, Santa!), and they'll become another digital repository for personal and private information. If you're giving or receiving these devices, take the extra steps to secure your gift with a mobile security option. Try out a mobile security product, but also be sure to check the built-in security settings.

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