12/31/2015 01:59 pm ET Updated Dec 31, 2016

16 Bold Predictions for Tech in 2016

Technology is a driving force in our everyday lives and it moves faster than most can follow. Apple is a leading innovator in cutting-edge technology, so as you can imagine, Sage users are predicting exciting announcements and products for them in 2016. CES, the Consumer Electronics Show will be held in Las Vegas, January 6 - 9, so these predictions could come true as early as January. What do you think will happen in 2016? Tell us on Sage

Honor, a brand owned by Huawei, who makes popular low-end smartphones in China will launch it's first phone in the US at #CES 2016:

Mitchell McKenna


In June 2016, Yahoo Inc will not have been split up.:

Logan Bailey

#Apple will announce the #iPad Air 3 with a 4K resolution in March 2016:

Mitchell McKenna

#Oprah's new 'Favorite Things' partnership with tech giant #Amazon will be critically hailed as a success.:

Marcellus Long

Apple watch 2 will be another disaster sale design with some copy paste tweaks from Android wear:

sven mahlous

Apple will announce definite dates and product info about their current idea to introduce iOS, app &mail connections into new cars. I'm not talking about just Carplay, I mean full tech Integration.:

Josh Simms

#Twitter will see an increase of over 50% more user interactions on tweets switching from favorites to likes:

Mitchell McKenna

Samung Galaxy S7 will have 4 GB of RAM and a 3 GHZ processor.:

Andrei Bleortu

Nikon will announce they've acquired Samsung's NX (mirrorless) camera tech at CES:

Mitchell McKenna

The iPhone 7 will come out in 2016. #2016tech #apple:


sub 5 inch smartphones will be popular again:

Chrysano Jun

#Apple Watch 2 will debut by June 2016:

Mitchell McKenna

The iPhone 7 will come without the traditional headphone jack #apple #iphone7rumors:

Felix T.

#Apple will announce Xcode for iPad at #WWDC 2016; code #iOS apps and run them on the same #iPad.:

Mitchell McKenna

#Google will release an #Android phone where they build the hardware by end of 2017 (instead of a partnering with Motorola, LG, etc):

Mitchell McKenna

iPhone 7 will keep home button #iphone:

Awais Choudhary