09/29/2016 06:11 pm ET Updated Sep 30, 2017

Insatiable Thirst for Knowledge Key Strength for Veterans!

Obtaining a formal education beyond high school has become a must for those who are looking to build a solid career in the civilian sector. There was a time when this was not the case, you could graduate from high school, spend time in the military, separate and be able to find a meaningful job that would allow you to be able live a comfortable life based on the skills you obtained while serving our Country.

Most all job postings that you review have some sort of formal education requirement. This is not only for senior level employees but for those just starting out. For employers today having a formal education is a sign of what someone is willing to do to succeed and progress in their careers. Shows that you are self-driven and have a deep desire to succeed in your pursuits and what you will be able to do for the organization. It also brings a certain level of knowledge that an individual may not be able to obtain quick enough or through their existing experiences.

One thing that the military teaches is to be able to learn quickly and have the desire to continue to grow your knowledge. Members of the military are put in many positions where they need to be able to quickly learn new skills or procedures to meet their requirements. This is a highly desirable skill in the civilian sector as change is the norm and is constant. Depending on the industry it's more frequent and rapid which can be challenging to those not use to being able to pick up on new knowledge and information quickly.

"It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill." - Wilbur Wright

Having an insatiable thirst for knowledge will provide many benefits as you move forward:

  • Potential employers will see this as a strength
  • Your confidence in your pursuits will increase
  • You will always be preparing for your future
  • You will enrich the lives of those around you
  • Greater opportunities will be available to you

Thirst for knowledge combined with being a quick and adept learner is a core strength that is important to make part of who you are. While thinking about your transition from the military ensuring that you have your education in line with your career aspirations is a key to success. One of the biggest excuses that I hear as to why someone is not pursuing knowledge through formal education is Money.

While in the military you should take advantage of the educational opportunities so that you are prepositioned for your future endeavors. Using your GI Bill benefits to get as much education as possible will pay big when you do transition. For myself I took advantage of using my GI Bill to get my Bachelor's degree while I was in the Military. Without a lot of senior level experience this gave me a leg up in securing a great position prior to transitioning out. I spent several years working in the industry with my Bachelor's degree being sufficient. I was coming to a point where I needed a Master's Degree to be competitive in obtaining an Executive level position. The company I worked for happened to pay for its employee's tuition for advanced degrees by having you sign a two year commitment from the last date of your schooling. For me that was a huge gift and easy decision as I was use to signing up for four year commitments while in the Military. My advice is to find those organizations that make education for their employees a priority and be in a position to leverage that benefit.

Being self-driven in obtaining knowledge outside of formal education is important as well. I read at least two to three books a month that vary in topic but are providing me insight into what I can do to grow in my life. This is all part of having an insatiable thirst for knowledge!

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Veterans Coach/Speaker/Writer