11/13/2013 04:50 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

The Ultimate Lazy Bum

What's going on guys! It's Dylan again with another weekly video blog. This week I'm sharing from Phoenix, Arizona, still taking it easy and enjoying my time off.

Check out my vlog below and hear how I'm being the ultimate lazy bum! It's been fun getting to do things I never get to do while in race season, seeing live music, hanging at the beach and visiting friends in California at schools like USC.

It's definitely been awesome getting to catch up with old friends. While in season, my closest friends are also my biggest competitors, so it can be an interesting relationship to balance at times. Watch Flat Out episode 9 "Frenemies," and find out why. But the competition is all in good fun and hopefully I'll get to see a few of them next month at NASCAR's Champions Week!

Hope you guys are enjoying the series. Keep the questions coming! Tweet me @dylankracing. Later!