06/17/2015 10:13 am ET Updated Jun 17, 2016

Pitti Uomo Day 1: Fashion Tribes, Nino Cerruti and the Pleasure of Things

This is my second time at Pitti Uomo and the Spring/Summer 2016 collections are definitely about fun. There is of course lots of content to keep me happy, like "Il Signor Nino", an exhibit dedicated to master fashionista Nino Cerruti as well as increasingly growing numbers to keep the exhibitors in Florence happy. This edition of Pitti Uomo boasts a record 1178 fashion brands showcasing here, 56 percent of those brands are foreign brands, and Made in Italy fashion is growing by 20 percent, while the rest of the economy flounders at a mere 7 percent. In the US, Italian fashion has seen a 15 percent increase, in the last year alone.

So, those numbers are all good and well, but to me fashion is about a visual stimulation which no amount of writing can describe. That is why I've decide to do things a little differently this time around by keeping my blogs short and sweet and the images, the street shots of the beautiful people, coming. Check out the slideshow below and play a game of "guess the fashion tribe" with me. They range from color tribe, to suit one size too small tribe, to girl tribe. If you find more tribes, let me know in the comments below.

Finally I'll leave you with some words of wisdom. Florence Mayor Dario Nardella kicked off the press conference for the 88th edition of Pitti Uomo with a quote from beloved Italian playwright Luigi Pirandello, which so beautifully explains our love of fashion.

More often than not, the pleasure we get out of an object isn't found in the object itself. Our imagination makes it beautiful, framing and bestowing it with dear images. Of the object after all, we love what we've put in it of ourselves.

Pitti Uomo Day 1